Children's Season 2024 - Sparking Wonder and Curiosity in Children

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Children’s Season brings cultural and educational experiences to spark wonder and curiosity in children and inspire them to learn about our collective heritage.

Jointly presented by Children’s Museum Singapore and the Museum Roundtable, Children’s Season is an annual programme that offers programmes and activities that involve different cultural and educational experiences for families to enjoy together and to learn more about Singapore's Heritage.

The theme of Children’s Season 2024 is Innovation, with activities to inspire and encourage children to be creative thinkers. From 25 May to 23 June 2024, families will be able to enjoy a slew of exciting programmes across 21 participating MR museums and galleries. In conjunction with Children’s Season, CMSG will also be launching a new hawker-themed exhibition titled Into the Hawkerverse.

Let's see what will be happening for this year's festival! 

Programmes that require tickets and reservations can be purchased on the Children's Museum Singapore Peatix Page. 

Children’s Season 2024 Stamp Booklet Activity

Dates: 25 May - 23 Jun 2024

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery at the various museums in Singapore? 

This June school holidays, join us for some museum hopping fun as a family! Pick up a copy of the Children’s Season 2024 Stamp Booklet at any of the participating museums and collect uniquely stamp chop prints as you participate in a simple activity at each museum.

Aim to collect as many stamps as possible to redeem exclusive Children’s Season 2024 prizes! There are 3 tiers of collectors, Museum Starter: 5 stamps, Museum Explorer: 10 stamps, and Museum Enthusiast: 15 stamps.

The list of participating museums are below. Visit Museum Roundtable to find out each museum’s admission details before your visit.

  • Asian Civilisations Museum
  • ArtScience Museum
  • Children's Museum Singapore
  • Eurasian Heritage Gallery
  • Former Ford Factory
  • Fort Siloso
  • Indian Heritage Centre
  • Intan @ T-Play
  • KidsSTOP, Science Centre Singapore
  • MOE Heritage Centre
  • National Gallery Singapore
  • National Library¬†Building
  • National Museum of Singapore
  • NEWater Visitor Centre
  • Peranakan Museum
  • Singapore Art Museum
  • Singapore Discovery Centre
  • Singapore Maritime Gallery
  • Singapore Mobility Gallery
  • Singapore Navy Museum
  • Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

Hawkerverse - New Exhibition at Children's Museum Singapore

In conjunction with Children’s Season, CMSG will also be launching an all-new exhibition titled Into the Hawkerverse. The exhibition aims to introduce Singapore’s vibrant and indispensable hawker culture to children and deepen their understanding of hawker culture in a fun, immersive and interactive way.  

Covering various aspects of hawker culture from street hawkers and hawker culture heroes to hawker dishes and hawker centre design,¬†Into the Hawkerverse¬†will feature hands-on activities, multisensory exploration, and object-based learning. Children will be engaged across three galleries and Play Pot,¬†a dedicated playspace designed for children below four years old ‚Äď featuring a¬†masak-masak¬†playspace with a¬†mee goreng¬†pool, and more.

Food for Thought

Venue: Former Ford Factory
Dates: 25 May & 1 June 2024
Fees: $20 per child with 1 free accompanying adult

Food for Thought is a poignant interactive theatrical experience set in post-war Singapore.¬†Inspired by the ration cards used in 1946, join the Tan family and experience how they¬†brave through hardships and strengthen their bond together as a family. During the¬†programme, there will be role-playing opportunities through the game ‚ÄėHeart of Gold‚Äô, to¬†engage children in exercising their options with creativity and morals as they make¬†decisions on how to budget and allocate resources for themselves and their loved ones.

Wrap Me Tight

Venue: Asian Civilisation Museum 
Dates: 31 May & 21 June 2024
Fees: $20 per child with 1 free accompanying adult

There is a special bond between Meera and her grandmother. One that contains many secrets and time spent playing together. In memory of her grandmother, Meera would explore the chest of dupattas (kain selendang) that grandma had left for her and make a sanctuary of play to honour her grandmother. Join Meera in this fun-filled creative play session, where participants will be led through an object improvisation game to think out of the box and transform the dupattas into objects for her sanctuary. During the session, participants will also be invited to do printmaking.

My Friend, Mr Pirate!

Venue: Singapore Maritime Gallery 
Dates: 7 & 8 June 2024
Fees: $20 per child with 1 free accompanying adult

Singapore Maritime Gallery has been hijacked by Mr Pirate while he tries to find his treasure! Join us as pirate crew with your very own special pirate wristbands as you embark on this adventure to learn about Singapore’s development into a proud maritime nation with Mr Pirate. Uncover clues hidden throughout the gallery to find the treasure and have a swashbuckling good time of song and dance!

Oodles of Noodles

Venue: Children's Museum Singapore
Dates: 15 & 22 June 2024
Fees: $20 per child with 1 free accompanying adult

Izzy has been pondering all week with no new ideas for her fusion laksa dish. Suddenly, she remembered the tune that grandma used to play with her. Along the way, she discovers old treasure that give us a glimpse of Singapore’s hawker
culture. Join Izzy on a sensorial journey through the Armenian Street as she searches for innovative recipe ideas!

Come touch, smell and even listen to the sounds and stories of our unique food heritage. Together with Izzy, let’s make our own Oodles of Noodles craft at the end of the food adventure.

Let's Cook Up a Storm! 

Venue: Children's Museum Singapore
Dates: 1, 8 & 15 June 2024
Fees: Free with registration

A great way of discovering culture is through food! Join us in learning about the Eurasian heritage through food and taste your mouth-watering creation at the end of the workshop! 

Participants will learn from chef Mary Gomes Eurasian dishes such as Curry Debal (also known as Curry Devil), Pang Susie (a savoury bun) and Kueh Kochi (a chewy kueh) on each of the respective dates.

Train Upcycling; Giving Old Trains New Life!

Venue: Children's Museum Singapore
Dates: 30 May & 6 June 2024
Fees: Free with registration

Join us for a hands-on workshop where you will learn the art of train upcycling. In this workshop, our train engineers will share about how train parts from decommissioned trains are upcycled or repurposed for other used. You will also get to experiment with these train parts and brainstorm innovative ideas on how to transform them for other purposes!

Travelling Art Cart: Art Across Time

Venue: Children's Museum Singapore
Dates: 14 & 15 June 2024
Fees: Free with tickets to the museum

Step back in time with the Travelling Art Cart and explore ‚ÄėHere They Come!‚Äô by Koeh Sia¬†Yong from the National Collection. Transport to the vibrant streets of 1950s and 1960s¬†Singapore, where unlicensed hawkers were commonplace. Join us and be engaged in¬†self-guided interactive, family-friendly activities where children can roleplay as hawkers,¬†imagining the bustling scenes depicted in the artwork.

Let’s Go on a Food Trail at Armenian Street

Venue: Children's Museum Singapore
Dates: 25 May, & 30 May - 22 Jun (Thu, Fri and Sat)
Fees: $8 per child, with 1 free accompanying adult

Join WonderBot and Noodsly in this self-guided trail as they embark on an exciting exploration along the Armenian Street and find out how spices are used in local dishes. Pop in to the businesses along the Armenian Street and discover about food, stories and cultures in these spaces!

Tickets and reservations are available on the Children's Museum Singapore Peatix Page. 


*Photo Credits: Children's Museum Singapore



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