Explore Changi's Past along the Changi Heritage Trail

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Beneath the surface of its relaxed coastal vibes, Changi holds a much more fascinating, complex, and sometimes dark history that you can explore via the Changi Heritage Trail. 

Photograph of Changi Beach, 1929 (Stanley T. Tanner Collection, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore)

Changi is known for its relaxed coastal vibes, good food and the world-famous Changi Airport. Beneath the surface, however, is a much more fascinating, complex, and sometimes dark history. The tales of historical sites, events and the communities associated with the area will be uncovered in the new Changi Heritage Trail by the National Heritage Board (NHB).

The Changi Heritage Trail

Main entrance to Changi Prison during the Japanese Occupation, c. 1942-45 (Image Courtesy of National Archives of Singapore)

Changi Prison Present Day (Image Courtesy of National Heritage Board)

Featuring 23 heritage sites and six heritage trail markers, the Changi Heritage Trail will tell the stories of Changi through the memories of its community, trace its evolution across different eras, and shed light on its cultural, social, economic and military heritage over the centuries. Trail-goers will get to explore iconic landmarks and discover the diverse narratives of Changi, from the hardships endured by prisoners of war during the Japanese Occupation to the vibrant mix of cultures of the kampongs in the area.

To cater to the varied interests of trail-goers, the Changi Heritage Trail features three thematic routes:

  • Bungalows and Beaches in Changi (1 hour with public transport), 4km ‚ÄĒ This¬†route will cover the bungalows, sailing and beach clubs, and chalets in Changi.
  • War and Peace in Changi (1.5 hours with public transport), 7.6km ‚ÄĒ Explore the¬†history of different military buildings in Changi with this route, including Changi¬†Prison, Changi Chapel and Museum, and the former Changi Cantonment.
  • Gateways and Communities in Changi (2 hours with public transport), 12km ‚ÄĒ¬†Find out more about the communities of Changi and the places in which they lived,¬†worked, and played.

List Sites Featured on the Changi Heritage Trail

Former home of Ezekiel Saleh Manasseh, a Neo-Classical bungalow that is today part of Civil Service Club@Changi (Image Courtesy of National Heritage Board)

  1. Bungalows and Leisure in Changi
  2. Changi Cottage
  3. Changi Sailing Club
  4. Changi Beach Club
  5. Former Changi Cantonment and RAF Changi
  6. Changi Village
  7. Changi Beach*
  8. Changi Prison*
  9. Changi Chapel and Museum*
  10. Former Changi Hospital
  11. SAF Ferry Terminal
  12. Singapore Navy Museum
  13. Changi Point Ferry Terminal
  14. Sree Ramar Temple
  15. Yan Kit Village Chinese Temple
  16. Changi Airport & Changi Control Tower
  17. Sungei Changi
  18. Sungei Selarang
  19. Former Kampongs of Changi
  20. Former Schools of Changi
  21. Batteries of Changi
  22. Former Changi Forest Reserve
  23. Changi Point Footbridge

Heritage sites featured on trail markers are in bold (*note that some sites have existing markers/information boards from other trails and agencies).

The Changi Heritage Trail’s companion guide and map can be downloaded from https://go.gov.sg/roots-changi-heritage-trail. The map will be made available in all four languages from June 2024.

Limited printed copies of the companion guide will also be available at Siglap Community Club, Changi Chapel and Museum, and Asian Civilisations Museum.


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