7 Events Not To Be Missed At Arts in Your Neighbourhood November 2020

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Returning for its second season this year, Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN) will be held from 12 to 29 November 2020, and will bring arts programmes inspired by the history and stories in Kallang and Geylang.


Photo Credit: National Arts Council

An initiative by the National Arts Council (NAC), AYN aims at bringing enriching arts and cultural experiences to everyone of all ages.

And for the very first time ever, AYN’s line-up includes both onsite and online activities, presenting a blend of 11 engaging digital and physical programmes co-created with artists, arts organizations and community partners.

From online music, dance and theatre performances to visual art murals and a dynamic light projection display on the façade of Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, you and your family can look forward to appreciating and participating in an array of multi-genre and interactive arts activities/experiences from the comfort of your homes or up close in person. 

Admission is free for all events, and audiences will be required to follow the existing safe distancing measures when attending outdoor programmes and practise personal social responsibility.

Here are some of the programme highlights in the AYN November 2020 that both the young and young-at-heart can enjoy together:

1. District 14: 7 Kali Bah

Photo Credit: P7:1SMA

See Geylang Serai through the eyes of its community, in this collection of contemporary dance films that traces the dreamscapes of hijrah (“migration” in Malay) and ubah (“shifts” in Malay). The films are inspired by the stories, anecdotes and memories of Geylang Serai, with choreography stimulated by letters, audio recordings, photographs, textiles and objects of significance collected from the community.

A finale performance will be streamed live on 29 Nov via NAC’s Facebook page.

2. Brilliant Corners: The City Is Blooming

Photo Credit: System Sovereign

Embark on a self-guided tour to discover vibrant art murals around the neighbourhood, inspired by little glimpses of nature right in the heart of the town and how its people relate to it. The trail winds through Tanjong Katong Road, Joo Chiat Complex and the Geylang park connector underpass.

The works are co-painted by five artists Ink & Clog, Didier Jaba Mathieu, Oak & Bindi and Kiat with keen mural arts enthusiasts from the community.

3. Patterns Seeking

Photo Credit: SYNDICATE

Be enthralled by a light projection and sound display at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. The works featured are co-created with residents of Kallang and inspired by the patterns and motifs of daily Singaporean life. Members of the public can be part of an on-going conversation about the patterns of Singapore by sending in their suggestions here.

4. From A to Z: The Adventures of Sol and Friends

Photo Credit: Sweet Tooth

Join Sol and her friends on an adventure to find Maxie, her best friend who gets blown away in a giant storm. Combining design and performance, this theatrical experience for young audiences, brings to life three new characters designed by the community. 

5. The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing

Photo Credit: Elly Oldman

Visit Jalan Besar Town Council and get up-close with an awe-inspiring wall fresco that mixes drawing with augmented reality. The interactive wall mural by French illustrator Elly Oldman was first shown at a 2019 art festival in Rennes, France. Titled The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing, the mural is a seemingly endless loop of illustrations of everyday objects which are brought to life using augmented reality. 

6. Let’s Partea!

Photo Credit: National Arts Council
Parents and children can also look forward to Let’s Partea!, a series of virtual performances specially curated for the little ones, where they can embrace their creativity and unleash their imagination.

The events will be hosted live by dynamic theatre actor Dwayne Lau every Sunday of AYN. 
  • Jazz for Kids – Hello Humpty!

When: 22 Nov 2020, 11am to 12pm
Where: National Arts Council Facebook Page (@NACSingapore)

Photo Credit: Hummingbird Music

Jazz for Kids – Hello Humpty! is an interactive music performance that introduces our little ones to the wonderful world of jazz music. Audiences are exposed to rich harmonies and exciting rhythms while learning simple lessons about life in this 30-minute programme presented by a live jazz band. Join us as we make friends with a kindly stranger and discover this thing we call “jazz” through original tunes and child-friendly classic jazz numbers. We promise you’ll have a swingin’ time!

Parents are encouraged to guide their children as we navigate this musical journey.
Suitable for ages 3-8.
  • A Bitesize Of Astronomy

When: 29 Nov 2020, 11am to 12pm
Where: National Arts Council Facebook Page (@NACSingapore)

Photo Credit: Bitesize Theatre Productions
Follow the journey of 3 angry sisters, Twinkle, Sunny and Luna, who venture out into space together to help their friend Rocky accomplish an important mission: Save the Earth! Through song and dance, they explore space and learn about the many mysterious objects in space! Will they succeed? Will they be able to set aside their differences and work together as a team? Come join them in their musical journey to help save the earth together!

Suitable for ages 4 and up.

7. Stories on Site: The Kallang River Quest

Photo Credit: National Arts Council

Families can also embark on an adventure right at their fingertips and take a virtual “walk” to explore the heritage and historical landmarks around the Kallang River in an interactive choose-your-own-adventure story by digital storytelling studio Tusitala and author Akshita Nanda.

For more information, check the AYN website here. 


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