Singapore’s Largest Indoor All-Day Night Festival, ARTBOX, Makes Its Comeback This January 2024

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Spanning two consecutive weekends, ARTBOX 2024's instalment promises an even grander spectacle – ARTBOX AVENUE will be 50% bigger as compared to its 2023 edition!

Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 2
Date: 26 to 28 Jan 2024 & 2 to 4 Feb 2024
Time: 12pm to 11pm
Fee: from $6 (tickets on Klook, see pricing details below)

ARTBOX 2024 - Bigger & Better!

Singapore’s largest indoor all-day night festival, ARTBOX, marks its comeback this January 2024 with ARTBOX AVENUE. Covering 105,000 sqft at Singapore Expo Hall 2, the event ingeniously recreates an immersive tapestry of bustling streets, showcasing an explosive fusion of global street culture.

Kicking off 2024 as one of the first events of the year, ARTBOX emerges as a beacon of cultural celebration and artistic innovation. Spanning two consecutive weekends from 26 to 28 January 2024 and 2 to 4 February 2024, this instalment promises an even grander spectacle – ARTBOX AVENUE will be 50% bigger as compared to its 2023 edition.


Having garnered immense acclaim last year with over 60,000 enthusiastic visitors, ARTBOX is amplifying next year's iteration with Singapore's wackiest content publisher, SGAG, as its co-organiser for the second consecutive year, ensuring a seamless fusion of vibrant creativity and engaging experiences for attendees.

International Performing Arts & Entertainment Showcase

Be captivated, moved and entertained by the enchanting performances from local talents such as the mesmerising Jocelyn Ng, a virtuoso violinist, and the soulful Spruce Teo, a talented saxophonist.

Thailand's own musical maestros, The Parkinson, will also mark its presence as they take the stage on the first Saturday of ARTBOX AVENUE, proudly presented by ARTBOX’s Official Lager Beer, Chang Beer.

Visitors are also in for a treat with other onstage live performances by our local music bands Reverie, The Passerby, The Mad Trio and many more! On top of bringing delightful music to the enthused crowd, Chang Beer will also be giving out merchandise and free beer to kick off a perfect year with ARTBOX.

Hopscotch of Pain Challenge

At the SGAG stage, stand a chance to win $888 in cash as visitors will be treated to a riot of fun and pain with the all-new electrifying Hopscotch of Pain challenge. Participants have to hop on one leg and cross a beam covered in acupuncture mats, channelling the classic hopscotch game but with a hilarious, painful twist.

[NEW] National Piak Cockroach Championship & National Water Bottle Tornado Championship

Brace for the adrenaline rush with two fresh competitions: the National Piak Cockroach Championship in week 1 and the National Water Bottle Tornado Championship in week 2, where the best contenders will pocket $888 in cash prizes in each thrilling event.

Transforming Spaces Through Art

 Renowned graffiti artist and Illustrator hailing from Malaysia, Cloakwork (@cloakwork on Instagram) will be stepping into the spotlight at ARTBOX AVENUE. With his distinctive style that seamlessly blends street art with storytelling, Cloakwork is set to transform a dedicated space into an immersive showcase of his vibrant and captivating artwork.

Another distinguished Malaysian artist, MonKiddo (@itsmonkiddo on Instagram), is poised to captivate visitors through the creation of captivating artwork at the Central Avenue of ARTBOX. From intricate detailing to vibrant compositions, MonKiddo's contribution to ARTBOX AVENUE is set to be a focal point, inviting visitors to witness the intersection of imagination and artistic brilliance within the dynamic landscape of this year's festival.

[New Zone] Central Avenue

Photo-Worthy Spots

Central Avenue, the innovative experiential structure, boasts a captivating three-level display of vibrantly decorated shipping containers. Its striking features include colossal traffic lights adorned with psychedelic neon lights, graffiti, and street signs, offering an array of memorable photo opportunities for visitors. 

Roving Live Performances

Along this avenue, guests can also immerse themselves in thrilling roving live performances, creating an energetic atmosphere.

[New Zone] Open Plaza

At ARTBOX AVENUE's Open Plaza, cultures converge in a vibrant space pulsating with interactive and immersive activities spreading across two weekends. This dynamic blend of activities ensures there's something for everyone at the Open Plaza, fostering an inclusive and engaging environment.

Street Chess

visitors are invited to indulge in a unique chess experience by Aliwal Chess Club, where they can try their hands at creative chess activities that blend intellect with imagination. Beyond the game, explore and take home exclusive merchandise that reflects the artistry of chess. Engage in a hands-on session where you can build your own customised tote bags and as an exciting bonus, participants have the chance to enter the Snap & Win contest, with the grand prize being a custom-made chess table valued at over $800.

Massage Sessions

Visitors who are seeking relaxation are in for a treat in the second week with massage sessions that offer a serene escape amidst the bustling ambiance, providing a rejuvenating break.

Customisation Workshops

Workshops at the Open Plaza cater to creative enthusiasts, offering opportunities to personalise items like sneakers, T-shirts, phone charms, etc. These hands-on activities encourage self-expression and artistic exploration.

Teo Heng KTV Containers

Whether you're a karaoke enthusiast or a first-time crooner, sing your hearts out to your favourite tunes at Teo Heng’s Karaoke-in-a-Container where visitors get a chance to unleash their inner rockstar. This is an excellent opportunity to embrace the spotlight and make memories that resonate long after the music fades.

F&B Offerings

Indulge your taste buds as popular F&B vendors from around the region come to create a global feast for ARTBOX AVENUE. Whether you enjoy the savoury aromas of Thai cuisine, an eclectic mix of South Korean street food or local delights with a fusion of traditional and contemporary flavours, there is surely something for everyone.

For visitors with a sweet tooth and who like to get their hands ‘dirty’, the renowned chocolatier Janice Wong will be hosting an indulgent painting workshop, where you can transform sweet canvases into edible masterpieces. During this immersive experience, participants will have the chance to delve into the artistry of chocolate-making under the expert guidance of Janice Wong’s team, discovering the secrets behind their signature confections.

Retail Revelry

Photo Credits: ARTBOX

International and local artisans from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea will also showcase their wares to offer a truly unique retail experience. From trendsetting fashion to traditional crafts, the festival will be a treasure trove of eclectic finds. In addition, ARTBOX AVENUE will also proudly showcase a diverse array of homegrown talents, including beloved brands like Talking Toes (@talkingtoesofficial on Instagram), renowned for their iconic funky socks, and Maverick Made (@maverick_made on Instagram), offering an exquisite selection of handcrafted leather goods. These local gems add a touch of homegrown flair to the eclectic shopping experience that awaits.

Classic & Virtual Games

Step into the ultimate Gamestop Arena at Open Plaza – home to ARTBOX’s Switch and VR Games. The space invites visitors to play while sinking into comfy seats and immersing themselves into the gaming world– the perfect blend of comfort and playfulness.

In addition, The Arcade People (TAP) takes over the Arcade Alley at ARTBOX AVENUE where visitors get to immerse in a world of classic and modern arcade games that will keep the fun going all day and night. But that's not all – TAP is bringing the heat with daily challenges throughout the two weekends of ARTBOX that allow daily top scorers to walk away with prizes.

Ticketing Pricing

Pre-Event (from now to 25 Jan 2024)

  • General single-admission ticket
    • Weekdays: $6 per pax
    • Weekends: $7 per pax 

Event (26 Jan to 4 Feb 2024)

  • General single-admission ticket
    • Weekdays: $7 per pax
    • Weekends: $8 per pax

Early Risers 4-pax Bundle

  • Fridays, 12pm slots: $16 (U.P. $23)

Ticketing is available now on KLOOK or visit the official ARTBOX website for more details! 



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