22 Stories | Meet Your Favourite Fairy Tale Characters | Extended till 28th July!

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Location: 200 Pandan Gardens S609336
Date: 1 May - 28 July 2019

  • 5.30 pm - 9.30 pm (Fri),
  • 10 am - 2 pm (Sat to Sun),
  • 5.30 pm - 9.30 pm (Sat to Sun)

Admission: $38 (per pax) | $140 (family of 4)

22 Stories, the immersive theatre experience by ANDSOFORTH Jr. is extended! till the end of July! There's now a few more weekends to experience this unique experience! We are sharing new photos, and you may read more about 22 Stories in our previous article. 

22 Different Characters

22 Stories

22 Stories

The key draw of the event is the many familiar fairy tale characters that you may meet. Each of these characters are in different rooms waiting for you arrival, and giving you an interactive experience at each "show time".

22 Stories

Going from room to room, you will be entertained by these characters. Shows run on a schedule, and you may have to wait when going from room to room. Schedules are located at the entrance of each room. 

BYKidO Tip: Bring a pen along. As there are so many rooms, its good to tick off what you have visited from the map provided.

Kids- Favourite Rooms

In between show times, there will be the opportunity to go into the rooms to capture pictures or just to play. These rooms appear to be most popular with the little ones during this time. 

Ugly Duckling Room 

22 Stories

Why: Because there is a slide, and the kids just want to go on it again and again. 

Little Mermaid's Ball Pit

22 Stories

Why: Its a ball pit, you get to sit on Little Mermaid's clam for pictures, 'enuff said.  

Queen of Hearts Croquet Course

22 Stories

Why: A chance to play a game of Croquets with flamingo sticks! 

Different Schedules for each Week

Do note that characters work on weekly shifts, so if you have a particular character you wish to meet, you got to check here for the character's weekly schedule.

Newly Added - Scavenger Hunt

22 Stories

Added in July, go on a 22 Stories Scavenger Hunt ! Explore all 22 rooms as Treasure Hunters and gather up the rare and special artifacts found in each room! An all new twist on your 22 Stories experience!


  • Standard: $38, Admits 1
  • Family: $140, Admits 4

Get your tickets here. 


PeopleUp @ Pandan, 200 Pandan Gardens S609336




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