[UPSIZED EARNING] Promote These Listings To Get Extra Earnings In March!

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This month, we focus on FREE trials from selected partners! Earn up to $10 for every successful trial sign-up (subject to T&Cs)!

Upsized Affiliate Earnings (March 2022):

  • *NEW* $10 for every Wukong Online Chinese Class Trial Sign-up
  • *NEW** $10 for every Wukong International Math Online Class Trial Sign-up
  • $10 for every LingoAce Online Chinese Class Trial Sign-up
  • $10 for every Neobael Online STEM Class Trial Sign-up
  • $10 for every CubeChinese Online Chinese Class Trial Sign-up
  • $10 for every BBC Earth Magazine Sign-up

Period: For trials and purchases made in Mar 2022 only. 
T&C: Only valid for 1 trial / purchase per listing. Only for validated sign-ups and purchases, subjected to individual T&Cs. Not valid for duplicated sign-ups and purchases. Payout is only made after 2 months validation.

*Any fraud or fake purchases / sign-ups will result in a ban from the affiliate programme and no payout will be made. 

Upsized Earnings

Earn More in March with these special upsized affiliate earnings! These special deals have been negotiated so that you can earn more in March - don't miss out to earn $10 per FREE trial sign-up! There is no obligation to purchase after the trial! 

Get 10 confirmed trial sign-ups and earn $100, 100 for $1,000, and so on! There is no cap too! Simply share your affiliate link and when someone uses your link to register for the trial, it will be recorded as a sign-up from you! 

*Special for Wukong Chinese Class, first 20 sign-ups who finish their trial will also get a FREE Kiztopia Club (Punggol) ticket!

A special deal is also available for purchases of BBC Earth Magazine subscription. 

*Remember to add ?ref=[YOUR REFERRAL CODE] to the links for tracking purposes. You can find your referral code under your affiliate dashboard -> settings. 

Note that payout is still subjected to the min. earnings per affiliate! 

5% Earnings On All Purchases

You will still earn the standard 5% for every other purchases made on bykido.com. Do note that this is only valid for purchases where payment is processed on our website. 

Invalid Trials

Trials are calculated per family. You may earn twice from a family who signs-up or purchase from multiple listing but not for multiple sign-up/purchase of the same listing. For multiple trials within the same family, it will be calculated as 1 trial. 

Trials will be paid out after 2 month after month-end. Trials may be rejected from affiliate earning if it does not meet our partners requirements. Some common reason are wrong contact details, unable to reach the sign-up, duplicate sign-ups or fake sign-ups. Any decision made by BYKidO on the validity of your trials are final.

Do note that we are seeking authentic trials from real families. In any situation that fraud or fake trials are detected from your account, your affiliate account will be block and no payment will be made to you. 

How To Be An Affiliate? 

If you are not yet an affiliate, signing up as an affiliate is free. You may get more information and sign-up to be an affiliate here. You may also read our FAQ for more information about the affiliate programmel and payout policy. 


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