Subway Introduces The New Limited-Time Seafood Patty Sub

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Made with squid, fish and shrimp the three-in-one combo expands the options at Subway! 

Limited Time: 29 Sep - 17 Nov 

The Subway Singapore’s new Seafood Patty is packed with squid, fish, and shrimp, you’ll not only get bang for your buck but its refreshing and delicious flavours will transport you back to your favourite beach vacation. 

The launch is part of Subway’s desire to expand its protein options beyond its usual chicken, beef, tuna and eggs choices. Associated with the beach vibes and often seen as a delicacy, fans can expect an initial crunch on first bite from the golden breaded coating before sampling the soft and mild seafood flavour.

Subway recommends pairing it with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mixed pepper, onions, sweet corn and Subway’s signature spicy mayo sauce to elevate and best complement the breadcrumb patty.

Availability and Pricing

Subway’s latest Seafood Patty will be available from 29th Sep to 17 Nov 2021 across all Subway restaurants islandwide, and on delivery platforms GrabFood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo. Prices are as listed:

  • In Stores: Seafood Patty sub starts from $7.50 for a 6-inch and $12.50 for a footlong
  • Delivery Platform: Seafood Patty sub starts from $8.00 for a 6-inch and $13.00 for a¬†footlong


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