PSGourmet Group Has Opened Its Second Jypsy Outlet At Parkland Green

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Indulge in Jypsy’s contemporary Japanese cuisine whilst taking in the sweeping ocean views at this stunning beachside sanctuary, featuring eight new outlet-exclusive dishes.

Venue: Parkland Green, 920 East Coast Park, Singapore 449875
Opening Date: 3 Jan 2024
Opening Hours: Visit for updates

Jypsy Parkland Green in East Coast Park

The PSGourmet Group proudly announces the opening of its second Jypsy outlet at the picturesque Parkland Green in the East Coast. Following the success of its flagship location at the One Fullerton complex, Jypsy embarks on a new chapter, inviting patrons to savour its innovative contemporary Japanese cuisine against the stunning backdrop of the ocean. A year and a half since its opening at One Fullerton, Jypsy’s second outpost promises a captivating dining experience, maintaining its commitment to blending traditional Japanese flavours with a modern twist.

Located within the iconic East Coast Park, Jypsy Parkland Green provides an ideal respite for families, couples, park enthusiasts and beachgoers alike. Whether taking a break from a jog or a leisurely stroll, patrons can immerse themselves in the seaside vibes that define the Jypsy experience.

Indoor Dining

Jypsy Parkland Green boasts an expansive indoor dining environment adorned with soft furnishings in the brand’s signature indigo hues, which are accented with sun-bleached woods inspired by the coastal setting.

Alfresco Dining

For those seeking an alfresco experience to enjoy the best of the ocean views, a spacious outdoor dining terrace offers the perfect setting for peaceful breakfasts, brunches, or relaxed evening dining.

Pet-Licensed & Pet-Friendly

What's more, Jypsy Parkland Green is also proud to announce that it is now officially pet-licensed and pet-friendly. The breezy seaside dining spot is ready to welcome you to dine with your furkids at its alfresco seating area.

Menu Classics

Expect classics from the original Jypsy menu including the Jypsy Salmon Tacos ($18), a creative spin on tacos using crispy seafood and packed with salmon, avocado, tomato salsa, wasabi mayo and garnished with ikura; or Jypsy’s very own Nest of Fries ($16) which features crispy shredded potato drizzled with white truffle oil, wasabi mayo and teriyaki sauce.

Outlet-Exclusive Brunch Menu

Availability: Weekends & Public Holidays from 8am to 4pm only

Jypsy Parkland Green boasts eight outlet-exclusive brunch menu items. The expansive selection of brunch dishes, crafted in Jypsy’s signature style, seamlessly complements the venue’s natural lighting and refreshing sea breeze.

Expect to try new additions such as the Jypsy Big Breakfast ($29), a delightful combination of a dashi omelette crafted with homemade fish broth, offering a delicious Tamago flavour harmoniously paired with salty bacon, chunky pork sausage, and a side of okra and bean salad. The Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict ($26) is another option for those that appreciate a freshly baked croissant, toasted to perfection using waffle irons and layered with a hollandaise wasabi blended sauce, onsen egg, pea sprouts and fresh gravlax salmon, offering a slightly spicy, creamy, and subtly salty experience on the palette.

Other brunch menu items include the refreshing Green Tea Soba Salad ($19) with options to add on sous-vide chicken breast ($5) and grilled tiger prawns ($8). Served fresh and chilled, this dish features green tea noodles mixed with a crisp mesclun salad and shredded seaweed. Rich notes of soy and sesame bring full umami mouthfeel to this dish and the balance of flavours with the mix of tofu, tomatoes and avocado make it an ideal choice for brunch.

For those craving a heartier option, indulge in the exclusive Wagyu Hamburger Steak Plate ($26), a Japanese style beef patty hand-made in-house using wagyu mince, sautéed onion, and the Chef’s special spice mix, served alongside a shredded cabbage salad and Japanese rice.

Photo Credits: The PSGourmet Group

No picnic in the park is complete without sandos. Guests can choose from one of three sando flavours that Jypsy Parkland Green offers. Choose between the Chicken Sando ($21) - chicken breast marinated in a kombu (kelp) stock before being slow-cooked for over two-hours, prepared sous-vide, and then served on a chilli mayo spread, accompanied by a mesclun and shredded cabbage salad; or opt for the Grade 7 fine Australian wagyu in the Sous-vide Wagyu Sando ($28) - served on a lightly toasted brioche, spread with a spicy bulgogi sauce, and accompanied also by a fresh mesclun side salad. For something quintessentially Japanese, the traditional Japanese Tamago Sando ($18) showcases a wasabi mayonnaise spread with egg mayo and a delightful soft-boiled egg, all of which are artfully sandwiched between slices of brioche.

All-New Kids Menu

For those with little ones, Jypsy Parkland Green is thrilled to introduce a special Junior Plate ($15), which showcases a delightful array of child-friendly bites in one yummy set. This set features a Bolognese Pasta crafted with a savoury tomato-based sauce, a side of crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside Karaage bites, which are perfect for tiny fingers and big smiles; and finally an Egg Omelette accompanied by a Cucumber Sushi Roll, which is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. This yummy offering ends on a sweet note with a bowl of vanilla soft serve.


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