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Renowned Kids' Chess Club, Chess at Three, expands to Singapore with United Square Outpost. 

Venue: #01-45/46 United Square, Singapore 307591

Chess at Three, a renowned chess club for children, has taken its unique storytelling-based chess curriculum beyond U.S. borders to establish its first international outpost in United Square, Singapore. Having effectively taught the game of chess to children as young as three for over a decade, the club's innovative teaching method has garnered widespread acclaim.

Teaching Chess To Children from 3 Years Old

Since its inception, Chess at Three has been instrumental in introducing the intricacies of chess to children from the age of three upwards. Traditionally, children between the ages of three and five are deemed too young to comprehend the complexities of chess. However, Chess at Three has devised a curriculum that defies this notion. Through meticulous testing and extensive research, the club has succeeded in captivating this demographic.

The club's exceptional teaching approach has successfully enhanced focus and concentration among young learners, employing positive engagement strategies. This approach is rooted in the belief that children can learn effectively through engaging and well-crafted stories.

A Space For Children

Situated within the bustling United Square in Singapore, Chess at Three has created an engaging and imaginative environment that fosters optimal learning conditions. This dynamic space is not only conducive to learning but is also adaptable to accommodate chess tournaments and celebratory occasions such as birthday parties.

The space is scheduled to open in August 2023 and will offer a comprehensive array of programs. These range from playgroups tailored for infants as young as six months, accompanied by caregivers, to advanced lessons designed for school-age children.

The Benefits of Learning Chess

Chess, a game known for enhancing intelligence quotient (IQ), critical thinking, mathematical proficiency, and verbal skills, also aids in developing working memory, boosting test scores, problem-solving acumen, stress management, and academic performance.

As modern preschoolers grow up in an era dominated by digital stimuli, the need to nurture focus, concentration, and attention span becomes paramount for academic success. The club's curriculum is designed to develop these crucial skills.

The school will also organise regular in-house chess tournaments provide young learners the opportunity to practice their chess skills, hone their focus, and learn about sportsmanship.

Other Programmes

The club offers an array of programs based on the principle that well-crafted stories can facilitate effective learning. These programs include weekly chess lessons for ages three and above, escape room-style role-playing games called Birchguard Quest for school-age children, caregiver-accompanied playgroups for infants as young as six months, and holiday camps for ages three to eleven.

From September 2023, holiday camps during local and international school holidays for ages three to eleven will also be available.  Each program is led by certified tutors selected for their expertise in storytelling, chess, and early education


Chess at Three is located at #01-45/46 United Square, Singapore 307591. 

To learn more about the club's offerings and enrollment details, please visit


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