REVIEW: Our Button Nose - Reusable Silicone Colouring Mats

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Activity Reviewed: Our Button Nose - Reusable Silicone Colouring Mat (Singapore Game & Colour Mat)
Reviewer:Shiela (@shiela_matias)

Whenever the kids get a new silicone colouring mat, they would always tell me, “Mum, can we not erase?”, because for them it’s an artwork. So they will colour the mat once!😅 However, with this coloring mat from @ourbuttonnose is a 2-in-1 as we can play game with it too!

The theme of this mat is... Singapore! Once the kids unboxed the mat, they immediately recognised the popular spots in Singapore featured and got into coloring. Simone loves art, so we did some shading too, without putting too much effort 😄.

Once we were done, we immediately started playing the game! We took turns throwing the dice and see who can reach the finishing line first! And of course, mama won


Through the simple game, the kids also learn to recognise numbers, counting using the dice and 1-1 correspondence, taking turns and being a sport 😜 Love their reactions, and of course fights are bound to happen too! Such competitive kids😅

🎲Bringing this one when we dine out!

The reusable silicone colouring mat from Our Button Nose is available on from $20.90 (including delivery in Singapore)! 



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Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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