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Product Reviewed: Mother & Daughter Nail Wrap Bundle Set 
Reviewer: Carinne and her 4 year old princess wannabe daughter! 

The Nail Art Wrap from Emery & Co. came in 3 designs, and we choose the Princess Diaries for the glittery wrap and also had the Somewhere Over the Rainbow design.

The process of applying the wrap is fairly simply. We chose a sticker that is about the size of the fingernail, remove the non-sticky part on the sticker, stick it on the nail, and used the file provided to file off the excess wrap. 

Each nail took less than 3 minutes to complete, even though we took extra time to cut the stickers in half for each nail. 

The finish may not be comparable as going for an actual manicure but my daughter was really please with her prints. The sticker lasted about about 4 - 5 days but because we only used half the sticker for each nail, we had enough to stick another wrap when it came off. 

I really recommend getting the Princess Diaries for the younger girls as the glitter nails really pleases them and it makes them feel like princesses. Overall, I think the nail art wraps are a simple and quick way of letting them feel "grown-up". 



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