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Activity Reviewed: Embark On A Family Escape Adventure Trail with Island Wanderer SG
Reviewer: Shawn

42 years in Singapore and still learning so many things about our tiny and wondrous country! Brought the fam for a first time unique Saturday outing, not to a mall, nor an outdoor/indoor playground, but on a digital trail with Island Wanderer SG!

I chose the Folk Tale Trail, which I felt was suitable for my 2 kids of ages 6 and 9. This 1.5 hours trail around Raffles Place and Marina Bay showed us places, sights, and discoveries that even surprised me!


  • This 1.5-hour trail will take you around Raffles Place and Marina Bay to places filled with rich heritage, and bring the legend of the discovery of Singapore to life 😮. This trail has puzzles that will test your ability to observe the little things in your surroundings. It is highly recommended for families with younger children! 🧒🧒Think you know the city well? Let’s find out!

Without revealing too much, our start point was at Merlion Park and soon led us on a learning journey that showed us how old Singapore looked like, the sights and buildings, and also the people of long ago.

Doing the trail with the fam came along with some challenges, such as tired feet, whining from the little ones, making wrong turns, making u-turns because of the wrong turns, and being caught (slightly) in the rain almost towards the end of the trail. Nevertheless I felt the kiddos did pretty well and we took about 2 hours to complete the trail and tasks! 

Through out the trail, we had to complete the puzzles, and these were interesting, clues were well thought out and the route was pretty doable, even with the young ones.

So, if you have young children, and don't mind a good walk while exploring and learning more of our beautiful country go ahead and try out this trail, or any other trails offered by Island Wanderer SG!

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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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