REVIEW: Hey! Chips Vegetable Box

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Activity Reviewed: Hey! Chips Vegetable Box with Free Tote Bag
Reviewer: @khee.choon

Hey! Chips Vegetable Box

Warning ‼️ You might enjoy vegetables too much with @heychipsg Vegetable Box‼️

Are your kids having trouble taking enough greens? 😅 What about you? 😬

I had tried vegetable chips and found many had the taste of over-used cooking oil, until I discovered Hey! Vegetable Chips' low-carb high-fibre snack box with four delicious wholesome vegetables:

💚 2 packs of Hey! Okra Chips
💚 2 packs of Hey! Broccoli Chips
💚 2 packs of Hey! Onion Chips
💚 2 packs of Hey! Cherry Tomato Chips

These chips are really crispy and light! Great for healthy snacking! It's hard to stop after popping the first one into our mouths. 🙊

What gives the chips its addictive crispy texture is the low temperature dehydration. This process retains the original plants’ nutrients too! Unlike conventional fried or baked chips, Hey! Chips are processed at just 60-80ºC. Swipe to the end 👉 to hear the crunchy sounds each vegetable makes! They are 100% natural, gluten-free, dairy-free and preservatives-free so you can enjoy snacking guilt-free! Made from real vegetables with no sugar added, they are nutritious for the whole family. 🥰

AG looks forward to having them as his school snack while I think this vegetable box of chips will make a great gift!

🍅🥦 Buy a Hey! Chips Vegetable Box @ $33.90 and receive a cute tote bag! There are 3 different boxes available (Vegetable box, Fruit Box and Variety Box) from the BYKidO SHOP.


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