Keep Safe And Healthy This Lunar New Year With The Walch® Speed Foaming Automatic Hand Wash

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As we ring in the Year of the Ox and prepare ourselves for a season of visiting, here's how we can keep safe and healthy with the Walch® Speed Foaming Automatic Hand Wash.

Photo Credit: Walch® 

The Walch® Speed Foaming Automatic Hand Wash is a new generation antibacterial, contactless soap dispenser that promotes good hand hygiene and reduces the chances of contact and contamination.

Instead of touching the soap pump, you just need to simply place your hands under the dispenser and receive the foaming hand wash in just 0.25 seconds. This new and fun way of dispensing soap will have children wanting to wash their hands again and again. On top of that, the hand wash's nano-scale foam molecules also provide a better coverage of skin surface, deeply cleansing hands and keeping everyone safe and healthy. 

Photo Credit: Walch® 

This affordable Walch® Speed Foaming Automatic Hand Wash comes in an all-new 350ml bottle, and is now available at major retailers such as Cold Storage, Guardian, and Fairprice. Head on down to the major retailers now to enjoy their respective promotions.


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