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Spot the Singapore Fresh Produce logo and support our local farmers at NTUC FairPrice.

You may have heard of the '30 by 30' goal, spearheaded by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) where Singapore aims to develop the capability and capacity of the local agri-food industry to produce 30% of our nutritional needs locally and sustainably by 2030, from the current 10%.

Supporting '30 by 30'

To support the ’30 by 30’ goal, NTUC FairPrice acts as an intermediary for local farmers to have their local produce listed and displayed in the various NTUC FairPrice stores as a way for the consumers to conveniently purchase these local produce.

NTUC FairPrice further supports these local farmers by collaborating with the SFA to organise various joint promotions and campaigns throughout the year to highlight local produce as well as having in-store POSMs to help shoppers identify local produce easily and learn about the benefits of local produce. This helps to grow demand for local produce which is an incentive for the local farmers to increase their local production.

Identifying Local Produce

The SFA’s SG Fresh Produce (SGFP) logo allows consumers to easily identify local produce such as eggs, fish & vegetables by spotting the logo on the packaging and in-store marketing collaterals.

There are 3 types of SG Fresh Produce logos:

  • SG Fresh Produce 1-star logo: Produce is fresh and proudly grown in Singapore

  • SG Fresh Produce 2-star logo: Produce is grown in farms certified to the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standard. This 2-starlogois a label of quality assurance indicating that the local produce is grown under the Good Agricultural Practice management system. This means that the farm has been audited and certified for production of good quality farm produce for consumers.
  • SG Fresh Produce 3-star logo: Produce is not only fresh and quality assured, but also Clean and Green certified. This means that the produce is grown in GAP certified local farms that additionally employ sustainable and resource-efficient practices, with minimal waste Being nearer to home, it also means you enjoy fresher food with a lower carbon footprint.

Limited Time Promotions

From 1 – 14 July 2022, NTUC FairPrice partners with over 15 local farmers, offering a wide range of products from Jurong Frog Farm’s fresh frog meat to Sakura’s bean sprouts and Yili’s range of vegetables to offer great deals on these produce.

*Shop online and enjoy $10 off with a min. spend on $130 with our exclusive promo codes too!

Local Farmers / Deals

  • The biggest mushroom grower in Singapore, Kin Yan does not usea ny pesticide in its Food safety and freshness are at the heart of every stage of its operations, from harvesting to packing and delivering.
    • Fresh Black Fungus (2 for S$5.25, U.P. S$2.95)
    • Fresh Pink Oyster Mushroom (2 for S$5.25, U.P. S$2.95)
    • Fresh Pea Sprouts (2 for S$3.95,P. 2 for S$4.40)

  • Boasting a smart indoor vertical farm, Sustenir focuses on growing superfoods with great nutritional value. All the products are grown 100% in Singapore, for locals and by locals.
    • Super Kale (S$4.95, U.P. S$5.95)

  • With a history that spans 30 years, Chew’s is one of Singapore’s most trusted egg farms, supplying over 180million eggs a year. Its poultry houses are eco-conscious and climate-controlled.
    • Chew's Fresh Eggs with Omega 3 (S$3.55, U.P. S$3.85)
    • Chew's Fresh Eggs (2 for S$5.90, U.P. 2 for S$50)
  • The Fish Farmer’s fishes are grown naturally with no injections, hormones or They are reared in the sea, which in turn gives their meat a firm texture and a clean taste that are similar to their wild-caught counterparts’.
    • Mullet (S$1.09/100g, U.P. S$1.19/100g)
    • Golden Pomfret (S$1.29/100g,P. S$1.49/100g)
    • Milk Fish (S$0.49/100g,P. S$0.59/100g)
    • Flower Grouper (S$2.25/100g, U.P. S$2.79/100g)
    • Pearl Grouper (S$2.45/100g, U.P.S $2.99/100g)
  • Dedicated to delivering high-quality produce, Jurong Frog Farm has an unfailing adherence to a strict policy against the use of hormones and antibiotics.
    • Fresh Frog Meat (S$2.89/100g, U.P. $2.99/100g)


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