Catch the Final Drum Up JB! Performance on 30 Dec 2023!

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Having entertained more than 6000 audiences in 16 shows since the beginning of the year, Drum Up JB! is bidding farewell to 2023 with one final show!

Venue: Permaisuri Zarith Sophia Opera House located at the R&F Princess Cove
Dates: 30 Dec 2023, 2 pm and 8 pm
Admission: RM68 - RM145

Drum Up JB! is a mixed percussion ensemble, combining drumming, physical movements, vocal expression, and other theatre elements to create an artistic visual and auditory sensory experience.

It is a 90-minute performance that celebrates Malaysian cultural heritage including classic works of the 24 Festive Drums seen through different eras in history and a fusion showcase of percussion instruments belonging to various ethnic groups of Malaysia.

Show Highlights

Highlights of the performance includes ‚ÄėThe Memories,‚Äô inspired by the history of Malaya¬†Chinese ancestors migrating southward to gain survival on foreign land. The piece has¬†been to the France International Folklore Dance and Music Festival, touring in Europe for¬†6 weeks and participating in 8 art festivals back in 2017.¬†

Drum Up JB! also includes ‚ÄėDrunken Drums,‚Äô a famous piece of¬†the 24 Festive Drums curated back in 1999 and ‚ÄėIkan Kekek,‚Äô a well-nown Malaysian
nursery rhyme.

Final Performance

In the spirit of ending this long running Malaysian multi-ethnic musical feast with an unforgettable artistic explosion, audiences are welcomed to attend the Drum Up JB! Photography Exhibition, 24 Solar Terms Installation, Post-Performance Discussion and Museum of 24 Festive Drum Guided Tour.

The sub events will take place on the 30 Dec except for the guided tour which is scheduled for 31 Dec.

Times and Ticketing

The final show take place on 30 Dec 2023 and offers two showtimes, 2PM and 8PM. Tickets ranging from RM68 ‚Äď RM145¬†are already on sale. Enjoy a 15% discount when purchasing a minimum of three tickets.¬†Promo code is TRIPLEX.

Tickets can be purchased here:


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