The Minions return to McDonald’s Singapore this September | Themed-Food and Happy Meal Toys!

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The Minions will be back at McDonald's from 4 September 2020 with a line-up of 35 different designs to collect with every Happy Meal purchased! 

The Minions are back! And this time, they are back as the largest-ever collection of Minion figurines with 35 different designs to collect (and a special Golden Minion twin for each design too)!

Starting from 4 September 2020, 7 new designs will be released every Thursday at 11 am... we can foresee the queues! 

Collectible With Special Gold Minion Twin

With every purchase of a Mcdonald's Happy Meal, you will get receive a Minion collectible packaged in a capsule and you won't know which Minion you are getting until you open it up! Think mystery bags, Minions-style! 

That's not all! Each Minion will have its own exclusive rare Golden Minion twin! Do you think you will be lucky enough to find the Golden Minion? 

Do note that each customer may only get up to 4 Minion toys per order. 

Minion-Themed Food

Mcdonald's also takes this opportunity to introduce a series of Minion-themed food. 

The Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce

Available exclusively with every purchase of the Chicken McNuggets and Happy Sharing Box. The Smoky Nacho Cheese sauce is also available in a bottle featuring the Minions at $5.50 each. 

Did we mention that the 9-piece Chicken McNuggets will be available at just $5, instead of $6.35?

Minion Potatoes

6-pc Minion-shaped potato snacks will be available as a $2 top-up with any meal purchased. 

Melon Waffle Cone

Enjoy the new melon-flavored soft serve that comes with an adorable Minion wrapper for just $2! 

Other new items include the Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie ($1.50) and Yuzu McFizz. 


Are you looking forward to having a Happy Meal or any of the new items come 4 September? Tell us in the comments which do you think will be your little ones favourite! 



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Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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