LEGO Car Sets Contests, Tips and More For Families | #BuildItDriveItLoveIt With LEGO

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LEGO is launching an exciting #BuildItDriveItLoveIt campaign for all things automotive this June! Expect Contests, Tips, Facts, and even a Grand Prix featuring LEGO's automobile range! 

 #BuildItDriveItLoveIt | LEGO Cars

Did you know that there are a total of 46 unique car models in LEGO's automobile range! Ranging from adrenalin pumping race cars to burly 4X4s! Build them for play or display, it doesn't really matter!

 #BuildItDriveItLoveIt | LEGO Cars

What's more! Starting from 1st June 2020, LEGO will be launching a #BuildItDriveItLoveIt campaign with a thrilling 30-Day Calendar on their Facebook page, with content and activities for families to bring their passion for automobiles to life! 

 #BuildItDriveItLoveIt | LEGO Car Sets

You can expect

  • Build contests with different themes for the kids and parents¬†to showcase their creativity
  • Fun facts on popular automobiles (find out more about the car toys you have at home)
  • Tips to bring your LEGO build to the next level
  • Personalities who will be showcasing their LEGO building skills
  • The first-ever LEGO Grand Prix, where young contestants will design and build their unique LEGO cars to face-off on the LEGO race track

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