Celebrate an Abundant Mid-Autumn Festival with The Woodleigh Mall

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Celebrate Mid-Autumn festival at The Woodleigh Mall through a series of Mid-Autumn themed activities and rewards!

Venue: Woodleigh Mall
Dates: 15 - 24 Sep 2023
Admission: Free with min. spending

Create joyously sweet family moments whilst celebrating Mid-Autumn festival at The Woodleigh Mall through a series of Mid-Autumn themed activities and rewards happening from 15 to 24 Sep 2023. Families can look forward to colourful light installations, an insta-worthy lantern tunnel and family-friendly workshops at the atrium as well as a Lantern Walk for charity on 23 Sep. 

Discover Fun Family Activities at the Atrium

Head over to The Woodleigh Mall L1 Atrium to experience the exciting line-up of Mid-Autumn activities for you and your family. Besides the activities, spot the colourful installation of lighted rabbits, wooden floral crates and the rainbow lantern tunnel centrepiece at the atrium. Don’t miss out this opportunity to get a beautiful family photo with the vibrant display.

Lantern Crafting and Mooncake Making Workshops 

  • Lantern Crafting Workshops
    • Weekdays: 15, 18 and 19 September at 7pm
    • Weekends: 16 and 17 September, 2pm & 5pm
  • Mooncake Making Workshops
    • Weekdays: 20, 21 and 22 September at 7pm
    • Weekends: 23 September at 2pm & 24 September at 2pm and 5pm
  • Spend $30 to redeem passes

Let your imagination run wild with lantern crafting and mooncake making workshops at the atrium. Design your very own lantern using craft materials at the lantern crafting workshop for some artsy fun with your family. To further set your creativity in motion, learn how to make your own mini snowskin mooncakes while customising the colour and shape of the mooncakes. Nothing symbolises the Mid-Autumn festival like a box of mooncakes and lanterns crafted with love!

Themed Storytelling Sessions

  • 16 September, 4pm
  • 19 September and 22 September, 6pm
  • 24 September, 1pm

Immerse yourself in the Mid-Autumn storytelling sessions brought to you by EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre and Berries World of Learning School. 

Chinese Calligraphy and Robotics Workshop

  • Chinese Calligraphy
    • 20 September, 6pm
  • Robotics
    • Weekdays: 15, 19, 20, 21 and 22 September (2 - 5.30 pm)
    • Weekends: 16, 17 and 24 September (6.30 - 8.30 pm)

Cultivate concentration and dexterity with Chinese calligraphy workshops held by Chengzhu Mandarin Centre. Familiarise yourself with basic strokes in the regular calligraphy script and proper brush techniques to produce visual art pieces that will showcase this captivating art form. 

Additionally, enhance your critical thinking skills with Futurum Academy’s robotics workshop. Empower your innate artistry and learn how to craft in three dimensions with hands-on guidance from Futurum Academy facilitators. 

Mid-Autumn Trivia Facts, Riddles and Games 

Learn interesting science facts relating to the Mid-Autumn Festival via the interactive screens at the atrium. Provided by The Learning Lab, BlueTree Education and The Eton Academy, the facts offer knowledge about the moon whether it be the gravitational pull or the various moon phases. Be prepared to be blown away! 

Additionally, put your knowledge of the myths and legends of the festival to the test with the Mid-Autumn Trivia Game. If you are looking for more action-packed fun, try your hand at the Lantern Quest Game where skills and speed are needed to hit as many lanterns as possible within 60 seconds. 

To stand a chance at winning attractive F&B vouchers, participate in the thrilling Rabbit Hunt Digital Game. Go on a treasure hunt around the mall to collect all 5 rabbits to win F&B vouchers by simply scanning the QR codes that you find!

Participate in a Lantern Walk for Charity 

  • 23 September, 7pm
  • Registration fee: $10 (capped at 100 sign-ups)

Light up the Bidadari estate with lanterns over a moonlit stroll and capture beautiful memories with your family and friends. What’s more, partake in trivia games like Mid-Autumn themed trivia and lantern riddle guessing for exclusive prizes, collect a goodie bag worth more than $10 and enjoy the delicious treats in the goodie bag after the stroll. Sign up now at our Information Counter on L2! 

For every Lantern Walk ticket sold, The Woodleigh Mall will match dollar-for-dollar and all proceeds will be used to purchase essential items to help families that require social assistance from Viriya Community Services."


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