Top 10 Online Bazaar Ramadhan (Klang Valley)

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As a multiracial country, Malaysians celebrate Ramadhan in the most glorious form, as streets from all corners in the country turn out to be massive street food fiestas, also known as Bazaar Ramadan. However, the global pandemic has come to a critical level and we have no choice but to stop any kind of social gathering includes bazaar Ramadhan! The government has taken a few initiatives to organize an online bazaar Ramadhan and have the local delicacies delivered right to your doorstep! This way, we can ensure that the safety measures are in place yet indulge ourselves in a food fiesta! So, we have compiled them into a list and you can order right away!

1. Plats

Area covered: Selangor
Food Price: From RM5
Delivery Charges: RM8
Operating Hour: 3.30-7.30pm
Website: Plats

2. FVBazaar

FV Bazaar is an initiative between Fashion Valet and Food Panda to help the local especially those under the category of B20 to sell their goods with zero fees & commission.

Area covered: Nationwide
Food Price: From RM5
Delivery Charges: Varies
Operating Hour: Varies
Website: FVbazaar

3. NakMakan

Area covered: Klang Valley & Selangor
Food Price: From RM2
Delivery Charges: Varies
Operating Hour: 9am - 7pm (though it may vary with the various shops)
Website: Nak Makan

4. #WatsapKita

#WatsapKita assembles the sellers from each area and have your orders delivered from from different stalls at one go without additional delivery charges. However, they limit you to only order from a maximum of 3 sellers only. On top of that, they only deliver to a radius of 3km only.

Area covered: Klang Valley, Shah Alam & Sarawak
Food Price: From RM4
Delivery Charges: Varies
Operating Hour: Varies (deliveries mostly between 2pm - 6pm)
Website: WatsapKita

5. E-Souq (Smart Selangor)

E-Bazar Ramadan2u is an initiative by Maybank that gathers different sellers into their recently launched Sama Sama Lokal platform on their website. They filter it by location and if you select Selangor, you can select this E-Bazar Ramadan2u for various options for food but it's mainly focused in the Shah Alam region for this section.

Area covered: Shah Alam
Food Price: From RM5
Delivery Charges: Varies
Operating Hour: 10am - 3pm
Website: E-Souq Smart Selangor

6. E-Bazar Ramadan2u

E-Bazar Ramadan2u is also an initiative by Maybank, however, this particular section is mainly targeted for the Sepang area. That said, there are shops in this section from Kajang and Puchong as well.

Area covered: Sepang (with some in Kajang, Puchong and a few others)
Food Price: From RM5
Delivery Charges: Varies
Operating Hour: 10am - 3pm
Website: E-Bazar Ramadan2u

7. Sama-Sama Lokal

Though not exactly an e-bazaar, but Maybank's initiative to support local food in your area has a number of local street food that you can order during this Ramadhan period as well. It's quite comprehensive and they cover delivery within a certain radius from the selected shop.

Area covered: Whole Malaysia
Food Price: Varies
Delivery Charges: Free (up to 10km)
Operating Hour: Varies (dependent on each shop)
Website: Sama Sama Lokal

8. Selangor E-Bazaar Ramadhan 

If you prefer scrolling through Facebook for more options, then this is one of the few great groups to join. It's similar to a lot of FB selling groups, so you can find tons of food posted almost every day. Great for variety seekers!

Area covered: Varies (mainly Selangor areas)
Food Price: Start from RM3
Delivery Charges: Varies
Operating Hour: Varies (usually accepts orders until about 2 or 3pm)
Website: Selangor E-Bazaar Ramadhan

9. Bazaar-Rakyat

A massive platform that allows you to order food for this Ramadhan period where they also partner with different delivery partners to help deliver your food to you. Lots of options and relatively convenient to use.

Area covered: Varies (8 states in Malaysia)
Food Price: Start from RM3
Delivery Charges: Varies
Operating Hour: Varies (last order at 5.30pm)
Website: Bazaar-Rakyat

10. Bazar.Delivery

Initiated by Bank Muamalat, you can just input your location and it shows you the options that you have. Some locations may have lesser options than others, but it's still a good place to start finding your local bazaar favorites.

Area covered: Varies
Food Price: Start from RM6
Delivery Charges: Varies (depending on seller)
Operating Hour: Varies (usually accepts orders until about 2 or 3pm)
Website: Bazaar.Delivery




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