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Dear Partners,


Please see below BYKidO Update for mid- October.  For new Partners – you may now view all Updates (starting 1st of September) from here.


Why am I writing the bi-weekly Updates?


To create a Partnership with each Partner, I believe in providing an update of what we are doing and our plans. Perhaps it will spark ideas for further collaboration or encourage you to give us additional support in some areas. I believe that there is always potential for more.


My idea for BYKidO is to create stronger relationship with each Partner and not be just another listing site. While there are many factor affecting our level of engagement, providing updates on BYKidO, in my opinion, is a step in building this Partnership.


I like to reiterate my Triple Win belief that for BYKidO to succeed, we have to help our Partners to meet their business objectives while giving our Parents good promotions and deals! I hope our Partnership will help us achieve this.


Key Matrix – Past, Present and Future


Below is a table, listing a number of matrix that I look at. For each matrix, I have provided details on where we started in June, our last update, as of today and the Target for December.




Last Update













Mailing List





Facebook Likes





Members / BYKidO Pass Holders






Significance of the above


  1. Partners and Promotions – We wish to grow our Partners and Promotions to remain attractive to Parents. When we are attractive to Parents, we will be able to attract more eyeballs to all our Partners.
  2. Mailing List and Facebook Likes – This represents our reach to Parents. A larger number allows ut to reach more Parents.
  3. Pass Holders – These are people who are able to redeem the Promotions. The greater the number, the higher the potential of redemption for your promotion.



Summary of Activity with Partners / and Collaborations


  1. New Partners and Promotions
    1. Bubbles Gymnastics – 1 Free Trial + 20% Discount Off 10 Week Signup(Sports)
    2. Explorer Junior – 1 for 1 Classes (Educational)
    3. My Piano Room – 1 for 1 Trial Classes for A Little Beat (Music & Arts)
  2. New Promotion from existing Partners
    1. Seimpi School of Music – Holiday Programs (Music & Arts)
  3. Promoting Partners’ in-house Event or Promotion
    1. eXplorerKid – Halloween Party
    2. A2 Parkour – Benefits of Parkour for Kids Writeup.
    3. Playeum – The Big Draw
    4. Kaboodle Kids – Children’s Day Shoot the Duck event
  4. Competitions / Giveaways
    1. 1,000 Facebook Likes Giveaway (ended)
    2. Collaboration with Rainbow Diaries (Blog) and Zoom Park Asia
  5. BYKidO Events with Partners
    1. Upcoming:
      1. Play Date @ GIGGLES on the 3rd of November. Collaborating with Mummy Baby Care (Baby Massage Demonstration)
    2. Ended:
      1. Play Date @ Busy Tables on the 29th of September. Collaborated with Parent’s Code (Joint Marketing)
    3. Corporate and Pre-school Tie Ups (Staff Benefits, Parent Benefits, etc)
      1. Existing
        1. Deutsche Bank
        2. Ernst and Young
  • Carpe Diem (Spottiswood)
  1. In Conversation with
    1. Various Preschool chains (2)
    2. Banks and MNCs (3)
  • GLC (1)
  1. Other Collaborations
    1. Facebook Group – Parent’s Code (event planning and joint marketing)
    2. Event Organiser – Supreme Parents (event planning and joint marketing)
    3. Platforms – Kidselle (joint marketing)



Things for you to Note / Action


  1. Partners and Promotions – Speak with us on any of the following.
    1. Want to work with any of our Partners?
    2. Want to create a new Promotion with us?
    3. Have an in-house event, promotion or want us to do a writeup for marketing purposes?
  2. Giveaway – The 2017 BYKidO Partners Giveaway
    1. An initiative to create a “large” Giveaway with BYKidO Partners.
    2. We will be in touch to discuss this separately.
  3. Events
    1. Want to run an event together or be part of our next event? Contact me and we can discuss how we can best work together
  4. Corporate and Preschool Tie -up
    1. We greatly appreciate any introductions to Corporate and Preschools to discuss the listing of BYKidO as a Staff / Parent benefit. We will be glad to discuss how we may make this beneficial for all parties involved.
    2. As part of our Corporate and Preschool outreach, we have been asked about providing activities / talks on a business to business level. If you are open to such discussion, drop us a note with your B2B rates, T&Cs and we can always bring you up in our next discussions. Speak with me if you wish to learn more.
  5. Benefits to your Members
    1. If you are running a membership program, I will be glad to discuss how we may provide the BYKidO Pass as a membership benefit to your members.


  1. Partners and Promotions
    1. New Partners / Promotions for the months
      1. Bubbles Gymnastics – 1 Free Trial + 20% Discount Off 10 Week Signup(Sports)
      2. Explorer Junior – 1 for 1 Classes (Educational)
  • My Piano Room – 1 for 1 Trial Classes for A Little Beat (Music & Arts)


  1. New Promotion from existing Partners
    1. If you like to work on another Promotion to achieve a different set of objectives, let us know and we can work with you.
    2. It may be a Promotion for BYKidO Pass Holders only or a For All Promotion.


  1. Promoting Partners’ in-house Event or Promotion
    1. We may promote your event, promotions or do a writeup for you to be part of our content marketing process.
    2. These will be posted on our website, shared on Facebook and sent to our mailing list.
  • We will be glad to cover any topics as long as its within our general theme – Bring Your Kid Out.


  1. Please let us know if you see potential collaboration with any of our Partners and we can be the connection.



  1. Competition and Giveaways
    1. BYKidO Giveaways – we conduct Giveaways as part of building outreach.
      1. Recent Giveaway – 1,000 Facebook Likes Giveaway
        1. Anyone who request may receive 1 Promotion Voucher of their choice
        2. Purpose to improve take up rates of Promotions and to allow Parents to feel more comfortable about BYKidO’s voucher concept
        3. Total Redemptions: 12


  1. The 2017 BYKidO Partners Giveaway – as a joint marketing effort, we will be in touch on a Special Giveaway planned for 2017
    1. Purpose: to generate interest in you and BYKidO.
    2. Concept: While we may only offer small Giveaways as individual companies, I like to propose a Giveaway that combines a number of BYKidO Partners. This will potentially attract more attention and increase our conversions.
  • Next Steps: I will be in touch separately to speak about this Giveaway. The target Timeline is for Dec / Jan, as a primer for 2017.


  1. Activities – BYKidO Events


  1. Activities (Events) – we aim to host monthly events such as Play dates, Parenting Talks or Group Trial Classes.
    1. Events are aimed at driving offline and online traffic to you.
    2. Each events will require signup from, thus giving us insight into the participants that may be shared with you on request.
  • We may collaborate with others for these events.
  1. Past Event
    1. Play Date @ Busy Tables
      1. 11 pairs of Parent / Child attended the Play Date
      2. Busy Tables provided a discounted rate for Parents attending the event
      3. Relatively successful event with a good weekday turnout.
      4. Parents shared the event on their social media platforms and we gotten queries online and offline about BYKidO and Busy Tables
    2. Upcoming Event
      1. Play Date @ GIGGLES
        1. 9 pairs of Parent / Child have signed up for the Play Date
        2. Mummy Baby Care to do a Baby Massage Demonstration
        3. Event has been shared across various groups and platforms
        4. GIGGLES will be providing a discounted rate for Parents attending the event.



  1. Corporate and Preschool Tie-ups


  1. We are concentrating on incentives for Corporates and Preschools to have BYKidO as a Staff Benefit or a Parent Benefit.
  2. We are currently in 3 organisations
    1. Deutsche Bank – 1 Pass Purchased
    2. Ernst and Young – 4 Pass Purchased
  • Carpe Diem – 0 Pass Purchased
  1. Each Tie-up is potentially different, ranging from Free Pass to Discounted Passes.
  2. We are in talks with several other organisations on having BYKidO onboard.


  1. Other Collaborations
    1. We are working with several other like-minded individuals and organistions to help promote BYKidO. This will usually be done through joint marketing efforts so that we may pool our resources and more effectively reach our target audience.


  1. Others
    1. PR Efforts – we have engaged a PR / Events Company to organise an event early next year to give us visibility offline as well as in traditional media. We will provide more details when available.


  1. Redemption Process – changes to the existing voucher system
    1. We will be changing the existing voucher system from 2017. The change will allow Parents to use the Voucher directly from our website.
    2. On your side, the information you will receive is the same, however it will be shown on the website instead of a separate email voucher.
  • We will be in touch separately on training you or your staff.



Thank you,



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This article is prepared by

Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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