BYKidO Update: Mid December

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Dear Partners,


Please see below the BYKidO Update for Beginning December 2016.  For new Partners – you may now view all Updates (starting 1st of September) from here.


Why am I writing the bi-weekly Updates?


To create a Partnership with each Partner, I believe in providing an update of what we are doing and our plans. Perhaps it will spark ideas for further collaboration or encourage you to give us additional support in some areas. I believe that there is always potential for more.


My idea for BYKidO is to create stronger relationship with each Partner and not be just another listing site. While there are many factor affecting our level of engagement, providing updates on BYKidO, in my opinion, is a step in building this Partnership.


I like to reiterate my Triple Win belief that for BYKidO to succeed, BYKidO has to help our Partners to meet their business objectives while giving our Parents good promotions and deals! I hope our Partnership will help us achieve this.


Key Matrix – Past, Present and Future


Below is a table, listing a number of matrix that I look at. For each matrix, I have provided details on where we started in June, our last update, as of today and the Target for December.




Last Update













Mailing List





Facebook Likes





Members / BYKidO Pass Holders





* Includes Free Passes given out to Parent’sCode Facebook Group Members in Dec.


Significance of the above


  1. Partners and Promotions – We wish to grow our Partners and Promotions to remain attractive to Parents. When we are attractive to Parents, we will be able to attract more eyeballs to all our Partners.
  2. Mailing List and Facebook Likes – This represents our reach to Parents. A larger number allows us to reach more Parents.
  3. Pass Holders – These are people who are able to redeem the Promotions. The greater the number, the higher the potential of redemption for your promotion.



Summary of Activity with Partners / and Collaborations for the Last 2 Weeks


  1. New Partners and Promotions
    • New Partners will be added from 1st of Jan 2017.


  1. New Promotion from existing Partners
    • New Promotions will be added from 1st of Jan 2017


  1. Promoting Partners’ in-house Event or Promotion
    • Holiday Workshops from Explorer Junior / Seimpi School of Music / Genius R Us


  1. Competitions / Giveaways
  • 2017 Early Bird Promo – 50% Discount for Pass (Jan – Jun 2017) + Free use of Pass (Jun – Dec 2016), for purchases before 31st Dec 2016.
    • Results: 35 Passes (Jan – Jun 2017) have been purchased
  • BYKidO / Parents Code Giveaway – Free Pass (Jul - Dec 2016) to Parents Code Members.
    • Results: 38 Passes were given out to Parents Code Members.


  1. BYKidO Events with Partners
  • Completed: Nil
  • Upcoming:
    • Play Date @ My Little Giant on the 19th of December.
      • Target Age Group: 3yrs and above
      • Discounted entry + free rides (train / carousel) for the event
      • Paid Marketing: Facebook Sponsored Ad / Bumble Bee Mom Blog
      • Additional Partner: T32 Dental Centre to provide Dental Talk for Kids and Goody Bag
      • My Little Giant will join as a Partner from Jan 2017.
      • Results to date: 19 (Kids) Tickets purchased


  1. Corporate and Pre-school Tie Ups
  • New Tie Ups
    • Corporate Staff Benefits: CapitaLand
    • Preschool Signup Benefits: We have agreed with a Financial Planning Company to help them with their Kids outreach. They work with a number of Preschools whom we will engage with via our Passes, Events and Articles.
  • Existing Tie Ups
    • Corporate Staff Benefits: Deutsche Bank, Ernst and Young, DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, Google Parents Group, Rewardz (Staff Benefit App with 20+ Clients)
    • Preschool Signup Benefit: Carpe Diem (Spottiswood)


  1. Website Developments
    • Online Voucher system (in progress)
    • Additional Filtering Function on Promotion Page (in progress)


  1. Other Notables
  • Expert Series – we are launching an expert series, which is a series of professional articles focus on Kids wellbeing.
    • Our first article will be on Dental Care for Kids, partnering with T32 Dental.
    • We have also agreed with a Financial Planning Company to post articles on Financial Planning for young families.
    • We are looking for other suitable angles that we can explore. Example, PDs, Wellness Experts, Fitness Experts. We are open to discussion if you wish to join our Panel.
  • BumbleBee Mom Blog – Our Post with Bumblebee mon was posted on the 30th of November and it was a relative success. It resulted in over 16k reach and 1.1 engagement, and contributed to many of the Early Bird Promo purchases.
  • Playground in Singapore Post – we have created a post on Playgrounds in Singapore, it is available on both Facebook and It has been a success. Our initial post reached 6.7K with 620+ engagement and our update (added new playgrounds) reached 1.4K with 360+ engagement

Things for you to Note and to Action


  1. Promotion Extension – Jan to Jun 2017
  • We concluded our Promotion extension. You should receive an email about your Promotion. There are pending changes to the promotion page for some Partners.
    • Please contact me if you have not received anything from us or if there are queries about Jan – Jun 2017
    • I will greatly appreciate your responses if you have not responded to our queries


  1. The 2017 BYKidO Partners Giveaway

A separate note will be sent to Participating Partners on the mechanics of the Giveaway. For the benefit of Partners who might still be keen to take part, here are key details.

  • Purpose of Giveaway: Month long effort to attract new “Likes” and increase mailing list on BYKidO to increase our reach for future promotions / advertising.
  • 3 Main prize sets with additional “bonus” prizes includes:
    • Classes / Activities sponsored by Participating Partners
    • $50 Grocery Voucher sponsored by BYKidO
    • Bonus includes, other Sponsorships: Beauty Box, Magazines (TBC)
  • Mechanics: Like us and Signup to our mailing list and stay tune for instructions to win a prize. Eg, Like our Partner and be the first to email us
    • 1 Set of instructions per prize set
    • Multiple Instructions will be given until all prizes are won.
  • What you get for being a Participating Partner:
    • Website Posting / Facebook Postings with your Logo
    • Participating Partners will share posting to their community
    • Shared across all our Collaborations
    • PR efforts with Blogger community
    • Paid Advertising with SassyMama (BYKidO Advertorial in Jan to coincide with Giveaway) and Cheekie Monkies (Focus on Giveaway)
  • How can we make it specific to you (Chargeable)
    • For a small fee, we will include you in our instructions (eg, Like your page, email us your locations, share your post or to be discussed)
    • From $50 per instruction to be included
    • Priority given to Participating Partners.


  1. Partners and Promotions – Speak with us on any of the following.
    • If you are keen to better understand the Partners and Promotions for collaboration, we will be glad to send across an excel sheet of Partners and be the enabler of any collaboration.
    • Are you running an in-house promotion, event or campaign? Let us know and we will be hep you share it across our marketing channels where appropriate.


  1. Events
  • Our next event will be Playdate @ My Little Giant, located at Big Box. The target age group is between 3 – 7 yrs.
    • 19 Kids have purchased tickets and we have confirmed the collaboration with T32 Dental Centre to do a Dental Talk.
    • Contact us if you wish to work together on the event or have any ideas on how we may work together for this or future events
  • I am sourcing for location for our Jan 2017 event, let us know if you like to work together and we can arrange to speak


  1. Corporate and Preschool Tie -up
    • Do you have a Corporate / Group pricing? Let us know and we will be glad to promote your corporate / group bookings in suitable future conversations.
    • We will also appreciate any introductions to Corporates or Preschools that might find our services useful. We can discuss how this might be beneficial to all parties involved.


  1. Benefits to your Members
    • If you are running an in-house membership program, I will be glad to discuss how we may provide the BYKidO Pass as a membership benefit to your members.



We have shortened our updates further this month and hopefully made it easier for your reading. Let us know if we can improve our communication with you.


As always, thanks for partnering, believing and helping grow BYKidO!



Thank you,



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This article is prepared by

Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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