MamyPoko: Free Diaper Samples
MamyPoko: Free Diaper Samples
MamyPoko: Free Diaper Samples
MamyPoko: Free Diaper Samples


MamyPoko: Free Diaper Samples

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This is a Promo Code Listing.
More about Listing Types here.

MummyPoko: Sign up to receive free diaper samples

    Visit: MamyPoko

    • Sign up to receive free diaper sample 
    • Choose your preferred size diaper

    Free Diaper Options:

    • MamyPoko Air Fit Tape (NB/S)
    • ManyPoko Air Fit Pants ( L Boys & Girls)
    • MamyPoko Extra Dry Organic Cotton (S)

    Diaper Size

    • Newborn (Up to 5KG)
    • Small (3-8KG)
    • Medium (6-11 KG)
    • Large (9-14KG)
    • Extra Large (12-17KG)
    • Extra extra large (15-25KG)

    Fine Print

    • Request of sample is limited to one (1) per household. Each sample pack contains two pieces of product
    • Each household with a valid address is applicable for a one-time sample request. Repeated addresses will not be entertained
    • Repeated requests from the same household for the same child are allowed after a waiting period of 6 months
    • Please allow up to 4~6 weeks for delivery.
    • A valid ID card number is compulsory for proceeding with sample requests
    • Sample requests are for legal residents of Singapore only
    • Uni-Charm Corporation Sdn Bhd reserves the right to amend, withdraw and modify the Terms of this promotion.
    • This is an external listing and is not managed by BYKidO. All information is correct at publishing. 

    You have came to this page to better understand the Types of Listings on BYKidO and how you may enjoy the various promotions that is available on the website. 

    In summary, there are 3 listing types and 2 main redemption mechanics. Each of these are used for different types of merchants and is aimed at giving you the most value! 

    Listing Types

    This describes what is listed on BYKidO and how the mechanics work for each of these listings. 


    Purchase the eVoucher on BYKidO to enjoy the promotion with the merchant partner. For eVouchers, you will make payment twice, 

    1. to purchase the eVoucher with BYKidO.
    2. to pay for the merchant partner's offering directly with to the merchant. 

    Follow the redemption instruction within the listing description to enjoy the promotion. 


    Purchase the Ticket directly on BYKidO to enjoy the merchant partner's offering. For Tickets, you will make a single payment directly to BYKidO, unless additional fees are payable to the merchant partner, eg delivery, material, etc. 

    Follow the redemption instruction within the listing description to enjoy the promotion. 

    Flash and Redeem / Promo Code

    Simply show the listing to the merchant or use the Promo Code listed with the merchant partner to enjoy the promotion. 

    Follow the redemption instruction within the listing description to enjoy the promotion. 

    Redemption Mechanics

    This refers to how you redeem / use the purchased listing. 

    Email Redemption 

    An email with a Redemption No. will be sent to your registered email address. You will contact and book directly with the merchant (unless otherwise stated in the individual listing), using the Redemption No. as an identifier. 

    Specific instructions will be provided in the redemption instructions within the listing description. 

    In-App Redemption

    Purchase the Ticket or eVoucher on the BYKidO App and you will receive it on the BYKidO App. Simply use the Ticket or eVoucher on the App directly with the merchant partner to complete your redemption. 

    *Note: for purchases on the App, please use the same email used to log into the App (you can get this in the user profile tab on the App), and to wait for the payment confirmation to finish loading and bring you back to the App. 

    Below are screenshots on how you may use your In-App Redemption.

      Have Any Questions? 

      We are working hard to onboard various merchant partners and promotions through the various options, and love to hear your feedback to improve ourselves. 

      Have a feedback or like to find out more? Simply contact us here

      We offer 100% refunds for items not yet received or services not yet rendered, except in exceptional cases. 

      What can be refunded?

      When refunds are applicable, we will review the request on a case-by-case basis. Do note that refunds will be for the amount paid on the BYKidO platform, and not for any amount paid directly to the merchant. 

      What cannot be refunded?

      Once the item has been received or the service rendered, BYKidO will no longer be able to offer any direct refunds. Instead, refund requests related to amount paid directly to the merchant, or when items have been received or services rendered, will be directed to the respective merchant of the item / service.

      Refund Assistance 

      For these cases, you may contact the merchant directly or approach us for assistance. While we are not able to do a direct refund, we are committed to resolving any issues between you and our merchants, and will assist you accordingly. 



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