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Embark On A Family Escape Adventure Trail from $15 - BYKidO
Island Wanderer: Buy 2 Get 1 Free Family Escape Adventure Tour
Embark On A Family Escape Adventure Trail from $15 - BYKidO
Embark On A Family Escape Adventure Trail from $15 - BYKidO
Embark On A Family Escape Adventure Trail from $15 - BYKidO

Island Wanderer SG

Island Wanderer: Buy 2 Get 1 Free Family Escape Adventure Tour

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Enjoy a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Escape Adventure Trail Promotion from Island Wanderer SG! Get $45 Island Wanderer Store Credit for just $30!

  • ValidĀ tillĀ 30th Sep 2021
  • Purchase on BYKidO directly to receive Promo Code.
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*The Trail requires a Facebook account and the Messenger app or TelegramĀ  to receive messages from the chatbot.

Island Wanderer SG

A great way to spend the afternoon with friends and family! You are given a mission to solve a mystery, and this chatbot will give you clues to guide you to various landmarks. You will tour through your chosen part of the city and stretch your mind while solving tricky puzzles. We have also included descriptions of the featured landmarks to deepen the understanding of our lovely city.

Each Escape Adventure takes 1 - 2 hours to complete and brings you to 8 - 10 iconic locations. All can be accessed by foot and no transportation is needed to travel between locations.Ā 

Types Of Trails

  • PAPIĀ 
    • This 1 hour trail will take you from National Museum Singapore to Orchard Rd in a chase to reveal the identity of the egg thief and return the penguin egg safely back to camp. Join Papi in this exciting adventure to get his egg back while proving that you can work well with your fellow detective!
    • Recommended for families with 5 - 9 yr olds
    • Difficulty: 2.5/5
    • This 1.5-hour trail will take you around Raffles Place and Marina Bay to places filled with rich heritage, and bring the legend of the discovery of Singapore to life šŸ˜® This trail has puzzles that will test your ability to observe the little things in your surroundings. It is highly recommended for families with younger children! šŸ§’šŸ§’Think you know the city well? Letā€™s find out!
    • Difficulty rating: 2.5/5
    • Recommended for families withĀ Primary School Kids
    • Recommended play time: morning or afternoon (to see the clues clearly in the day)
    • The tale has traveled far and wide, of an ancient map that serves as a guide. This 1-hour trail will lead you through the Telok Ayer area and bring you to hidden murals in the heart of the Old City šŸ¤« This trail has puzzles and sights for those who are sick of the same few places in town and want to bring life to the forgotten port.
    • Difficulty level: 3.5/5
    • Perfect for a day of exploration with friends and familyšŸ‘£
    • RUMAH
      • šŸšØ Warning: This Trail will require you to walk along older narrow streets with moderate traffic, so please enjoy your adventure with extra precaution and always be aware of your surroundings.
      • This 1.5-hour trail will take you around the Joo Chiat area and bring you to history-rich locations. Find yourself dragged to the realm of the past and admire the shophouses that remain virtually, while finding the answers to puzzles embedded within the locations.
      • Difficulty rating: 3/5
      • This 1-hour trail will explore the rows of Tanjong Pagar and bring you through winding streets as you attempt to escape Daedalus' Labyrinth. This trail has puzzles and tantalizing Greek mythology tidbits for Percy Jackson fans or Greek geeks!
      • Difficulty level: 3.5/5
      • Make a sacrifice to Athena for wisdom to make it through all the riddles and mysteriesšŸ¦‰šŸ¦‰šŸ”

      Redemption Instructions

      • PurchaseĀ on BYKidO
      • Receive *Promo Code via Email and SMS
      • Use Promo Code at Island Wanderer SG to purchase your preferred trails
      • EnjoyĀ theĀ Escape Adventure!

      *If you did not receive theĀ Promo Code, please check your spam or promotion tab for email, add @bykido.com to your safe sender list to receive emails. To receive SMS, please ensure that your mobile no. at check out is in the format +65XXXXXXXX.Ā 

      **The promotion is in the form of a gift card (worth $45) that you can use to make purchase on Island Wanderer SG.Ā 

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      • Valid tillĀ 30th Sep 2021
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      • Top-up is required at Island Wanderer SG if the checkout amount exceeds $45.Ā 
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