Hey! Chips: 50% Off Tasting Kit Of 8 Mini-Packs @ $6 (U.P. $12)

Hey! Chips

Hey! Chips: 50% Off Tasting Kit Of 8 Mini-Packs @ $6 (U.P. $12)

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Enjoy 50% Off Hey! Chips Tasting Kit consisting of 8 mini-packs of assorted flavours, delivery included! 

  • Valid till 31st Aug 2021
  • Purchase on BYKidO directly
  • Delivery included, allow up to 5 Working Days for Delivery 

    Hey! Chips - Fruit And Vegetable Chips

    New to Hey! Chips or just want to have a shot at the different flavours we have? Get started with our fun-sized Tasting Kit with our fruit and veggie chips in 6 assorted flavours. 

    Our Tasting Kit comes in a rainbow spectrum of our chips collection to give you a highly enjoyable experience in healthy snacking. With an exciting plethora of natural flavours, Hey! Chips are processed at just 60-80ºC so that our chips can retain the original plants’ nutrients while giving the addictive crispy texture. 

    Hey! Chips is 100% natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, preservatives-free so you can enjoy snacking guilt-free! With no sugar added, our chips are low-carb and filled with superfood nutrients.

    Hey! Chips Tasting Kit includes:

    • 1 mini pack of Hey! Banana Chips (8g)
    • 1 mini pack of Hey! Mango Chips (8g)
    • 1 mini pack of Hey! Jackfruit Chips (8g)
    • 1 mini pack of Hey! Pineapple Chips (8g)
    • 1 mini pack of Hey! Okra Chips (5g)
    • 1 mini pack of Hey! Broccoli Chips (5g)
    • 1 mini pack of Hey! Onion Chips (5g)
    • 1 mini pack of Hey! Cherry Tomato Chips (5g)

    Visit Hey! Chips for more details!

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        • Purchase on BYKidO
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        • Enjoy the chips at home!
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        Merchant Details

        • Suitable for: Kids - Adults
        • Email: hello@heychips.com
        • Whatsapp: 65 8894 2476
        • Website: https://heychips.com/

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          • Promotion is valid till 31st Aug 2021
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