Harvesting Season is here at Kampung Kampus! (Event)


Harvesting Season is here at Kampung Kampus! (Event)

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We would like to invite YOU to join us! We'll be checking out the babies that have grown and harvest them. But that's not all! In the practice of giving back what we've taken, you'll get to try your hands at planting as well. When all work's done, enjoy a light snack made from the harvest of the day and bring home yummy recipes from our Kampung Chef.

Opening Hours

Weekends: 8.30am – 12pm

Pricing Information

$65 (Family of 2)
$85 (Family of 3)
$100 (Family of 4)

For more information: https://groundupinitiative.org/portfolio/harvesting-season/

To register, visit http://bit.ly/GUIHarvest2018