End Of Year Booster Programme With LingoAce


End Of Year Booster Programme With LingoAce

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Suitable for K2, and P1 – P6 students, LingoAce is offering 1-to-1 September Holiday EOY Booster Programme for students looking to improve their Chinese, revise for the upcoming year-end assessments, and to prepare for the next year! The programme includes 4 x 55 mins online classes that are conducted 1-to-1 and arranged at your own convenience. 

  • While Stocks Last
  • $179.76 for 4 classes
  • Suitable for K2 - P6 students
  • Sign-up on LingoAce website. Click here if the referral link does not work. 


      LingoAce is a global EdTech platform delivering authentic, engaging and effective language-learning tailored to young learners’ modern engagement needs. Our curriculum specialists, creative designers and teachers work together to create engaging bite-size learning content pegged to globally accredited syllabus leveraging proven methodologies and technology.
      • Globally accredited syllabus taught by native-speaking certified teachers
      • Bringing learning to life through games, creative media and interactivity
      • Making learning effective through optimised content and personalised reports

      End Of Year Booster Programme With LingoAce

      P1 Preparatory: Introduction to Hanyu Pinyin (For K2)

      • Learn the consonants, vowels and intonation of Hanyu Pinyin
      • Learn vocabulary and sentence structures related to 3 themes

      P1 – P2: Revise Key Vocabulary + Boost Oral Skills

      • Review words and vocabulary to prepare for the non-weighted assessments and bite-sized quizzes.
      • Learn the vocabulary and sentence structures to describe and articulate a given scenario clearly and coherently. Answering techniques and guiding template, unique to LingoAce, will also be taught.

      P3 – P6: Improve Comprehension Skills

      • Learn answering techniques for different question types. Answering steps that are unique to LingoAce will also be taught.

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