AIRZONE: 10% Off AIRZONE Standard Session (U.P. $20)
AIRZONE: 10% Off AIRZONE Standard Session (U.P. $20)
AIRZONE: 10% Off AIRZONE Standard Session (U.P. $20)
AIRZONE: 10% Off AIRZONE Standard Session (U.P. $20)


AIRZONE: 10% Off AIRZONE Standard Session (U.P. $20)

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BYKidO Pass Holders: Enjoy 10% Off AIRZONE Standard Session.

  • Promotion may be used for purchase of multiple AIRZONE Standard Session
  • Limited to one purchase per day.
  • For walk- in purchases only

What is it

The AIRZONE attraction is an elevated playground with distinct themed zones containing unique games. AIRZONE sits in the atrium space of the shopping mall in between the floor levels.

Those who are more active and adventurous will naturally climb all the way to the top level of AIRZONE up to 6 storeys high. In the process of getting there you would have climbed the equivalent of more than 4 flights of stairs.

Our suspended nets create a sensation of walking on the moon and our various themed zones enhance your experience on the net. Dive and swim in our AIRZONE ball pit, crawl through the maze, climb to the top and try our slides, or simply chill out and "lepak" on the nets!

Come and enjoy the fun and go all the way!

Find out more on AIRZONE website

10% Off AIRZONE Standard Session

Enjoy 10% Off AIRZONE Standard Session (U.P. $20). You may purchase multiple sessions but promotion is limited to 1 purchase per day. 

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  • Redemption No. will be sent via email to your registered email address. Bring this email to purchase your sessions @ AIRZONE. 
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    Activity Details

    • Age Suitability: 3 and onwards (Children 6 and under have to be accompanied by an adult)
    • Location: Level 2 (North Atrium) of City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road Singapore 208539
      • Email:

      Terms and Conditions

      • Promotion allows you to enjoy 10% Off AIRZONE Standard Session
      • Promotion may be used for purchase of multiple AIRZONE Standard Session
      • Promotion is limited 1 purchase per day, but may be used on on different day
      • Valid for walk-in purchases only
      • Subject to availability 
      • Payment to be made directly to the merchant
      • Must provide Redemption No. email at purchase
      • Not valid with other discounts, promotions and privileges 
      • Partner reserves the right to amend, withdraw and modify the terms of this promotion
      • General Terms and Conditions apply. 
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