[Activity] Mummies Meetup: Fire Station Visit


[Activity] Mummies Meetup: Fire Station Visit

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Feburary Mummies Meetup + Play Date

BYKidO will like to invite you and your LOs to join us on the 24th of February!
Fire Station Demo 
Our 2nd Mummy Meetup + Play Date in 2018!


BYKidO was started with the aim to help Parents to Bring Your Kids Out, and we like to invite Mummies to bring your kids out with us, meet like minded Mummies, and be part of our Community! 

We will meet directly Outside Central Fire Station Main Gate.


Make new friends, learn new tips & tricks, and just have fun with your LOs! 


It's FREE! Limited to 20 adults & 20 kids only! Filling up fast!

Sign up here and state the number of Adult + Kid attending the event!

Please also provide us with your mobile number so that we can add you to the Whatsapp Group Chat for any last minute information + announcements!



Activity Details

  • Suitable for: 2 years and above 

  • Location to meet up : Outside Central Fire Station Main Gate.

  • Date: 24 February 2017 (Saturday)

  • Time: 8.30am Gather. 9am-10am (Will be our timeslot for demo)

  • Contact Details: contactus@bykido.com

  • Alternative Contact: Facebook Messenger (Diana)

  • Limited to 20 adults & 20 kids only! Filling up fast!

Things to Note

  • Remember to bring mosquito repellent, sunscreen, change of clothes, towel and water for the LOs!

  • By participating in the event, you agree that BYKidO will not be held responsible for any injury, death or loss resulting from your participation.

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