[Activity] Bring Your Kids Out to T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen Again!
[Activity] Bring Your Kids Out to T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen Again!
[Activity] Bring Your Kids Out to T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen Again!

[Activity] Bring Your Kids Out to T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen Again!


Experience a Fun Filled Day at the Dentist with BYKidO at T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen! 

Date: 2nd Dec 2017
10am - 11.30am
T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen

Did you miss our last visit to T32 Dental Centre? Have a look at pictures from our last visit and see why you should join us on the 2nd December 2017 (Saturday)!

Who is T32 Dental Centre?

T32 Dental aims to educate and promote good dental care through fun activities and events. One such much-loved activity is our Show & Tell by our friendly dentist. Our session will incorporate animated story-telling of the Healthy Smiles Series story book written by our very own Paediatric dentist.

What will your child learn?

There is also the teeth-brushing demonstration by our dentist. Not only do the children get to learn proper brushing techniques, they are also given a chance for a hands-on with the guidance and encouragement of our dentist and team. The session closes with our dentist conducting a simple and fun quiz to recap what the children have learnt.

Get to tour a dentist room

Your child will get the opportunity to tour the dental rooms and learn about the equipment the dentist uses! Here, your child will be introduced and orientated to the dentist and the centre for the first time. We aim to make the experience as pleasant and as fun as possible!

Who is this suitable for? 

Children aged between 4 - 7 yrs old who are ready for their first dental visit. The session will help dispel any fear of a dental visit and help the child prepare for future dental visits.

What do you get?

For just $23, you and your child will get to

  • Enjoy a Show & Tell session conducted by a dentist aimed at sharing what happens during a dental visit 
  • See Timmy in person and have photo-taking opportunities!
  • Explore and hands-on a dental room's equipment and chair!
  • Goody Bag with Toothpaste, Storybook and Stationary
  • A Dental Assessment (for both Parent and Child) arranged at your convenience

See what happened in our last visit!

Limited Spots Available!

Participation is limited to 12 Parent and 12 Children so do purchase your BYKidO Ticket online today! 

For more details of venue and BYKidO, please visit T32 Dental Centre and BYKidO.


Activity Details

  • Suitable for: 4 - 7 yrs old 
  • Location: T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen
  • Date: 2nd December 2017 (Saturday)
  • Time: 10am - 11.30am
  • Contact Details: contactus@bykido.com

Things to Note

  • The admission ticket allows for 1 Adult + 1 Child (due to limited seating capacity, only 1 adult can accompany the child)
  • Dental Assessment may be arranged with T32 Dental Centre at a separate date and time at your convenience
  • Purchase a BYKidO Pass at the event and get $10 off the Pass
  • Event is for a maximum of 12 Parent + 12 Child