Ready Steady Go Kids - 2 Trial Lessons @ $10
Ready Steady Go Kids - 2 Trial Lessons @ $10
Ready Steady Go Kids - 2 Trial Lessons @ $10
Ready Steady Go Kids - 2 Trial Lessons @ $10

Ready Steady Go Kids

Ready Steady Go Kids - 2 Trial Lessons @ $10

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Exclusive for BYKidO Pass Holders enjoy 2 Trial Lessons @ $10 (UP $49). You may choose to either have 2 Kids attend 1 Trial Lesson or 1 Kid attend 2 Trial Lessons. Simply pay $10 to enjoy both class!

Ready Steady Go Kids is Australia’s largest multi-sport and exercise programme for pre-schoolers (aged 2.5–6). 

Ready Steady Go Kids arrived in Singapore in 2012 as the first international franchise and it is now the fastest growing multi-sport programme for pre-schoolers in Singapore.

We run classes at pre-schools across Singapore as well as our classes for children on weekends at The Cage Sports Park at Bukit Timah and Kovan Sports Centre in Kovan. We run terms of 10 to 12 weeks with 5 sports covered each term.

What are Ready Steady Go Kids objectives?
The aim of this programme is to introduce the pre-schoolers to a variety of sports and in doing so, enable them to enhance their gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye, foot-eye coordination and balance.

Ready Steady Go Kids trainers also lead and educate on other important features such as warm-up, stretching, cool-down, team-building and sportsmanship. But most importantly, we hope to spark their life-long love for sport and being healthy!

Classes are held @ The Cage Sports Park and Kovan Sports Centre


Visit Ready Steady Go Website here to get more details on the classes and schedules


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    Activity Details

    • Suitable for: 2.5 - 6 yrs old
    • Location and Schedules:
      • The Cage Sports Park @ Bukit Timah
        • 220 Turf Club Road, Singapore 288001
        • Saturday and Sunday Mornings:
          • 9.15 - 10.00 am (4 - 6 Yrs)
          • 10.15 - 11.00 am (2.5 - 4 Yrs)
      • Kovan Sports Centre @ Kovan
        • 60 Hougang Street 21 Singapore 538738
        • Saturday and Sunday Afternoons
          • 4.15 - 5.00 pm (4 - 6 Yrs)
          • 5.15 - 6.00 pm (2.5 - 4 Yrs)
    • Contact No.: 9855 8221
    • Email:  

    Terms and Conditions

    • Limited to 1 Voucher per BYKidO Pass Holder
    • Voucher may be used for 1 Child attending 2 Lessons or 2 Children attending 1 Lesson
    • Booking is required for Trial Class. Please call or email Ready Steady Go Kids directly
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