BE a Champ: 2 Badminton Trial Classes @ $45 (UP $70)
BE a Champ: 2 Badminton Trial Classes @ $45 (UP $70)
BE a Champ: 2 Badminton Trial Classes @ $45 (UP $70)
BE a Champ: 2 Badminton Trial Classes @ $45 (UP $70)
BE a Champ: 2 Badminton Trial Classes @ $45 (UP $70)

BE a Champ

BE a Champ: 2 Badminton Trial Classes @ $45 (UP $70)

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Promotion is valid till 30th June 2019

Exclusive for BYKidO Pass Holders, enjoy 2 Badminton Trial Classes with BE a Champ @ $45 (UP $60).

You may choose to either have 2 Kids attend 1 trial class or 1 Kid attending 2 trial classes. 

BE a Champ is dedicated to provide quality badminton training to all ages, specializing in pre and primary school students. The Academy has helped several of their players enter their desired schools through the Direct School Admission (DSA) program. 

BE a Champ's team of coaches put great emphasis in ensuring that all our students master the fundamentals of badminton as well as creating a balance in sports & academic.

By applying a Balance Education framework, BE a Champ wants each student to learn the importance of fighting spirit, sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline through the sport. This helps them to benefited greatly not only in badminton, but also in their academic and social skills through the values that is imparted through each badminton classes.

The results are that many students become good enough to represent their schools in the Inter-school badminton tournaments and successfully enter popular schools through the Direct School Admissions (DSA) program, like Nanyang Girls’ High School, Raffles Girls’ School, Hwa Chong Institute, Dunman High School, River Valley High School, Singapore Sports School and many more.



  • “Daniel proves to be a very qualified coach with high level of professionalism. What makes him unique is that he provides coaching lessons tailored to each individual/child. Since my girl took the coaching lessons with him, I see great improvement in not only her skills and her level of confidence in badminton and most importantly outside of the badminton environment. This has really helps to enlarge her social circles both in and out of school to allow her learn how to handles different situations and high pressure environment.
Winnie Chua”
  • “Daniel and his coaches had displayed great professionalism and enthusiasm to bring the best out of Ilisha’s ability to perform not only in the school team but as well as external competitions. His training system ensures that the children get a head start to solid footwork foundation which was a very crucial factor for them to excel in the later stage of their training programs.

Marine Lim”

  • “The training has been professionally run with great emphasis on badminton fundamental skills on footwork and proper engagement techniques and tactics. Because of the emphasis on the fundamental skills, my daughters and their peers are able to acquire proper badminton skills with just 2 to 3 training sessions a week rather quickly.

Philip Tan”

  • “Coach Azmil is a responsible and inspiring coach. He has helped Bryan in his badminton skills, as well as encouraged and motivated him to strive for his best in all areas in life. Under his guidance, Bryan was accepted to Hwa Chong Institute through badminton DSA.

Mrs Chiang”

You may also get more information about the training, achievements and training locations from BE a Champ website


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    Terms and Conditons

    • Limited to 1 Voucher per BYKidO Pass Holder
    • Limited slots at each Training Centre, please make booking as soon as possible
    • 2 Trial Classes may be for 1 Kid to attend 2 Classes or 2 Kids to attend 1 Class
    • Booking is required for Trial Class, please contact BE a Champ to make booking
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    Promotion is valid till 30th June 2019