Homemade Kueh Dadar Baking Kit - 20% Off (Promotion)

Homemade Kueh Dadar Baking Kit - 20% Off (Promotion)

Regular price $35.00

What is it

Create Handmade Kueh Dadar in your own kitchen with The Little Baking Kit. We created our Baking Kit and pieced it together especially for you – families who crave time & space to engage “food”-fully!

Our nifty little take-home box comprises:
– Step-by-step, child-friendly pictorial instructions
– Pre-measured, freshly-packed and labelled ingredients
– Also special child-size equipment this time! (Mini Whisk, Mini Spatula & Measuring Cup)

Original Pricing
The Little Baking Kit (Self Collect) - $35
The Little Baking Kit x 2 (Self Collect) - $60
The Little Baking Kit (Courier) - $41

Enjoy 20% Off

Simply use Promo Code: kddbykido at check out to enjoy 20% Off the kit.

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