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List of Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore to Bring Your Kid Out (WIP)!

To help Parents to Bring Your Kid Out, we compiled a list of Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore. The list will be updated on a regular basis, so do bookmark and check back often! Or simply signup for our mailing list for regular updates! This will be a list of Indoor Playgrounds that require Admission Fees in Singapore. We have a separate list for Free Indoor / Outdoor Playgrounds and a list for Kids Friendly restaurants in Singapore.  If you are like to search by location and date, you may download The BYKidO App to start discovering 100s of events and activities to bring your kids out.               Know of somewhere that is not on the list? Let...

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List of Free Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore to Bring Your Kid Out (WIP)

Following our previous List of Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore, we received a number of request by Parents to create a list of Free Outdoor Playgrounds. This list will include information of the Outdoor Playgrounds BYKidO visited, with links to the individual playground review.  For a more comprehensive list and to search by location, download The BYKidO App now!                 Help more Parents bring their kids out and Be a Contributor too!  Simply share with us your experience at any playground and we will share it with our community of Parents too! Let's help more families bring their kids out! Send us information, pictures and videos to! We will edit and credit you in the post....

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