Rainforest KidzWorld @ Singapore Zoo | Water Play, Petting Zoo & More!

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The Water Playground at the Rainforest KidzWorld will be reopening from 4 June 2022! Here's a look at what you may expect!

*Updated 3 June 2022: Reopening of the water playground on 4 June 2022. All other information is based on previous write-up in 2017. More updates coming.

Venue: Rainforest KidzWorld @ Singapore Zoo | 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
Opening Hours: Daily, 9.00 am - 5.30 pm (TBC)
Admission:¬†ÔĽŅFREE [entry fee to zoo applies]

Singapore Zoo Rainforest KidzWorld

The Rainforest KidzWorld is one of our FAVOURITE spots to go to at the Singapore Zoo! We been going since our kids were 2 yrs old and the water play section is definitely a huge favourite (followed by the Elephant show)! 

It has been closed for over 2 years and it is finally reopening on 4 June 2022! So mummies and daddies, it is time to start planning a visit soon! 

Did you know that the zoo will be revamping Rainforest KidzWorld?

Water Play at Rainforest KidzWorld

Singapore Zoo Rainforest KidzWorld

The Rainforest KidzWorld features a water playground suitable for kids of all ages! There is little chance of being dry if you intend to even step near the foam mats! There are just too many "booby traps" around - sprinklers, sprayers and splashing buckets!

Singapore Zoo Rainforest KidzWorld

Singapore Zoo Rainforest KidzWorld

There are a number of slides on the playground. 2 are for older kids and another for younger ones.  

Singapore Zoo Rainforest KidzWorld

If your young one is not confident enough for the slide, the playground still offer many opportunity for play! You will find splashing water buckets, rain aches, water showers and much much more! 

Giant Splashing Bucket

If you are visiting for the first time, do remember to give ample warning to kids that there will be a giant water bucket with lots of water splashing down! We have seen too many "surprised" kids.

It is a favourite activities of kids gathering under the bucket and waiting for the splashes to come down! You won't miss it with all the screams and laughter!  

Singapore Zoo Rainforest KidzWorld

Rainforest Kidzworld is not just about the water playground (although it is mostly it), you will also find the Falabellas, the world's smallest horse breed, a petting zoo with rabbits, and a feeding zone to feed the goats! 

What To Bring

Definitely bring a change of clothes for you and the kid - there are toilets to bath in! Sunblock, hats and sunglasses are great to protect yourselves from the sun. You may wish to bring snacks and food - although there's a KFC restaurant, it is always packed. 

Opening Hours 

These are pre-covid details. It will be updated when we get more information. 

  • Daily,¬†9.00 am - 5.30 pm

Admission to part of your ticket into the Singapore Zoo. 



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