Six Things To Do At Golden Grove Orchard, Perth | Tractor Tours, Fruit Picking, Gourmet Private Picnics & More!

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From the popular year-round tractor rides and fruit picking, to private gourmet picnic experiences, there is something for everyone at Golden Grove Orchard.

Golden Grove Orchard

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

Location: 1378 Chittering Road, Lower Chittering, 6084

Self-driving from Perth to the Chittering Valley is recommended.

Opening Hours: Thursday – Sunday | 9.30am – 4pm (Bookings recommended to avoid disappointment)

Situated only 45 minutes from Perth, and in the beautiful Chittering Valley, Golden Grove Orchard is a great place to be for a wonderful day out for families, tourists and locals alike.

Here's a list of things you can do at Golden Grove Orchard:

1. Go on an Orchard Tractor Ride and Pick Your Own Fruit

Tractor Ride

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook

Tractor Ride 2

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook

Fruit picking

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday | 10am, 11.30am, 1.30pm & 3pm
(Maximum of 20 people on each tour)

Pricing: $12 per child; $20 per adult | Book online here

Take a ride on the custom-made passenger trailers, and be pulled by one of the tractors up the hill and into the Orchards that overlook the Chittering Valley.

The trailer is covered so it keeps out the rain and provides shade from the sun. Children are also required to sit in the middle of the trailer benches as the ride can get quite bumpy.

The tractor tour takes about an hour, and will be led by a friendly farmer guide who will provide guests with information about the citrus trees, growing seasons and the different varieties of fruit.

With a wide variety of citrus fruits (such as, Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Mandarines and Grapefruits), there is something to pick all year round. Visitors will be able to pick fruit directly off the tree, cut it open and taste it straight away.

Back in the Packing Shed & Cafe after the tour, farm workers will provide everyone with tastings of freshly squeezed citrus juices. 

As part of the tour, visitors are welcome to eat as much fruit as they wish directly from the tree(s). Everyone will be given a bucket at the start of the tour that they can fill.

At the end of the tour, simply head over to the Packing Shed to make payment for the fruits that you've picked. (A maximum of up to 5kg of fruit may be picked and paid for per person).

Note: Visitors are recommended to wear gumboots, especially during the wetter months, as the ground can be quite muddy and the banks of the Orchard can be slippery.

2. Feed the Farm Animals

Feed Animals

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook

Feed Animals 2

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook

Feed Animals 3

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook

Get to meet and feed the friendly resident farm animals of Golden Grove Orchard, i.e., Sheep, Goats, Cows, Alpacas, Ponies, Chickens, Peacocks and Guinea Pigs. 

Food for the animals (containing favourites such as, carrots and lettuce) can be collected from the Packing Shed. 

3. Bring Along Your Own Picnic

Communal picnic area

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

Plan and pack for your own picnic, and enjoy it in one of the Orchard's communal picnic areas.

4. Explore the Nature Playground


Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook

Playground 2

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook

Playground 3

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook

One of the Orchard's picnic areas is located next to a small nature play inspired playground, so do check it out!

5. Quench your Thirst and Grab a Bite at The Packing Shed & Cafe

The Packing Shed

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook


Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

Cafe 2

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook

Cafe 3

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook


The Packing Shed offers a range of local jams, chutneys and pickles from other local suppliers, as well as its in-house freshly squeezed orange juice, lemon squash and Lemon Lime Bitters, and fruits.

Do also keep a lookout for the old (but still functioning!) grading machine on display - that one's almost a museum piece!

The laid-back, rustic and quaint Cafe at Golden Grove Orchard serves a range of beverages (such as, coffee and cold drinks), light snacks as well as fresh produce.

6. Book a Gourmet Private Picnic Experience

Private Picnic

Photo Credit: Golden Grove Citrus Orchard / Facebook

Opening Hours:

Picnic can start anytime from 10am and must end by 5pm.
Guest(s) to select preferred start time during the booking process.


Two people – $280
Three people – $320
Four people – $360
5+ people – e-mail: 

Book online here

This is the perfect opportunity to experience the beautiful Chittering Valley in a secluded location on the Orchard.

Enjoy a private picnic - amongst the citrus trees - grazing on gourmet sweet and savoury platters, and sipping on fresh Golden Grove juices.

What’s Included: 

An introductory tour of the facilities, fresh juice tastings, transportation to and from your private picnic spot, fruit picking, gourmet grazing platters & fresh citrus juices, styled picnic setup, and up to 4 hours per picnic session at the Orchard. (can be extended with prior notice).

For more updates and details, do visit Golden Grove Orchard's Facebook Page.

Excited about planning a trip to Golden Grove Orchard already? Tell us what do you think in the comments below. If you have been to Golden Grove Orchard, do share with us your experience too!

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