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Journey of Entrepreneurship

Journey of Entrepreneurship (JOE) is a programme that endeavours to nurture children on the concept of entrepreneurship and financial literacy through fun and enriching activities.

JOE has been designed to cater to 2 categories of students namely Juniors (9- to 12-year olds) and Teens (13- to 16- year olds).

Journey of Entrepreneurship

JOE's syllabus is more holistic as it starts off with soft skills to develop entrepreneurial mindset and boost confidence before kids are introduced to financial literacy. There is also a hands-on opportunity to be entrepreneurs at the end of the programme at the Mini-Market Fair.

JOE incorporates both soft skills and technical skills in the programme. Children will be taught soft skills and interpersonal skills that are crucial to building entrepreneurial mindsets such as creativity, problem-solving and communication. After which, they will learn the fundamentals of business and finance and finally apply their knowledge to real life settings

How can children benefit from JOE?

In JOE, our syllabus covers real issues. Children will have a more in-depth knowledge of the real world through fun and games

Journey of Entrepreneurship

Children will acquire entrepreneurial skills which include:

  • Envisioning;
  • Goal setting;
  • Creative problem solving;
  • Recognising opportunities;
  • Failure management;
  • Risk management,
  • Time management;
  • Negotiation;
  • Communication etc.

Journey of Entrepreneurship

They will also learn technical skills such as:

  • Basic Economics;
  • Basic Business concepts;
  • Marketing;
  • Competition;
  • Financial and Business Planning etc.

Intrinsically, these skills have underlying qualities such as self-awareness, high internal locus of control, self-confidence, high propensity to take risks, a hardworking disposition, and so on. 

Overall, we believe that JOE will help to develop holistic individuals who can add value to the lives of others as well as their own.

Journey of Entrepreneurship

JOE can be experienced in 3 ways:
  • Holiday Bootcamp: An intensive 5-day camp for enthusiastic and energetic children.
  • Fast Track: A 20-week course in which children will learn all about entrepreneurship through experiential learning.
  • Comprehensive Track: A 44-week programme which allows children to develop an entrepreneurial mindset at a more organic pace.
JOE has been broken down into 4 phases within which are the following themes:
  • Phase 1: Soft Skills i.e. Creativity; Problem-solving; Ethics; Passion; Perseverance
  • Phase 2: Interpersonal Skills i.e. Communication; Negotiation; Networking
  • Phase 3: Technical Skills i.e. Basic Economics; Business Concepts; Marketing; Financial & Business Planning
  • Phase 4: Real life Application: Art of Selling; Mini-Market Fair

Journey of Entrepreneurship

Why is having an entrepreneurial mindset important?
  • Individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets often possess admirable qualities such as creativity, perseverance and confidence. These traits are not only applicable to entrepreneurs, but are relevant for everyone, especially students. The next generations will be faced with problems that none of us have ever encountered. We need to prepare them with an entrepreneurial mindset in order for them to overcome the problems of the future creatively and effectively.


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