Genius R Us @ City Square Mall, Westgate Kids Club and Cristofori @ Liang Court

Genius R Us is an enrichment centre that offers children unique learning experiences through our Kidz Can Bake!, Tots Can Bake!,  and Kidz Can Craft! series of workshops and concept birthday parties. Our workshops are tailored to bring out the "genius" in every child and oriented towards uncovering their innate talents through the process of creative learning and self-discovery. It is our aim to provide opportunities for children to hone key attributes that will set them up for academic success, and much more. 


Our Philosophy

We have an underlying conviction that there is a genius in every child waiting to be uncovered and nurtured. Through programmes that we take immense pride in customising and conducting, we do our utmost in conjuring a befitting environment for children to realise the genius in them. At Genius R Us, every experience is tailored to enrich the lives of children - one where every child will be able to walk away from feeling a sense of accomplishment and heightened esteem.


Our Success Metre

Since our inception in 2002, we have been actively engaging the community to equip children with learning experiences that promote the acquisition of pertinent life skills. To date, more than 75,000 happy children have attended and grown markedly from the many workshops and camps that we have facilitated. In over a decade, we also have had the pleasure to work with many established corporations through workshops organised to foster teambuilding.  

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