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Boulevart is a new art studio which offers both art-jamming activities and painting workshops for both adults and kids. We focus very much on delivering the best experience for our customers, and pride ourselves on designing quality courses accompanied by highly talented instructors. 

Product - Painting Classes (6 - 12 years)
Students will learn to draw and paint basic objects such as fruits, flowers, and animals during the course. We run classes tailored to your child’s capabilities to pick up new drawing and painting skills, paying close attention to their progress during the course of each lesson. When we see that your child is ready to take on more challenging pieces, we will guide them through a more detailed landscape painting in the next lesson, but regularly revisiting basic objects and improving their ability to observe details and the execution of painting techniques over time.
Attending art classes at young age helps to develop creativity and improves attention span. We run our classes on a 2-hour basis, slightly longer than most other studios would, but also find that our students are able to remain focused after one or two sessions. Parents share the same feedback for children who have attended our lessons - that their children’s attention span improve visibly.
Please visit Boulevart for more details on the classes, schedule and workshops. 
Exclusive to BYKidO Member Pass Holders, signup for 4 sessions of Painting Classes for Kids at $145, instead of $180. 
Terms and Conditions apply. Please see here for more details.

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