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The BYKidO Pass (Jan - Jun 2019) | Promotions, Benefits, 1 for 1 Classes

Revamped and Updated! The BYKidO Pass (Jan - Jun 2019) features an updated list of merchants with a clearer offering.  Enjoy exclusive benefits, discounts and 1 for 1 classes when you purchase the BYKidO Pass - Purchase the Pass here.  Popular Promotions Ready Steady Go Kids | Multi Sports: 2 Trial Classes @ $10  Our Music Studio | Music: Bring a Friend Along for Trial @ $40 Be A Champ | Badminton: 2 Trial Classes @ $30 Arteastiq | $20 Off Weekday Art Jamming Sessions *List to be updated by 1st Jan 2019 Get the Full List here | Get The BYKidO Pass Now How does the Pass Work?  Purchase the BYKidO Pass to start redeeming the list promotions.  Start redeeming the promotions. See full...

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Giveaways on the BYKidO App

Need more information about Giveaways on BYKidO? Check out this link.  In summary, Giveaways are an opportunity for you to take part in the contest to win a prize. Giveaways may run on our Facebook, IG and App with winners chosen at random.  Running Giveaways on the App is something new to us too, and do bear with us as we continue to improve the process and find ways to make the BYKidO App a fun way for you to discover your next Family Memory! ' As always, please feel free to reach us if you have any queries!

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Where to go this Halloween?

While its not an actual holiday in Singapore, Halloween is well celebrated by families and youths.  It might not be suitable to bring the kids to the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (which is probably the most well known Halloween event), there are still various family friendly Halloween event happening islandwide!  Search in App Now Simply search "Halloween" in App to find a full list of Halloween themed events happening in Singapore (many will even be FREE). Expect Candies, Fun Games, Spooky Costumes, Movie Screenings and so much more! Discover your next Halloween Family Memory on The BYKidO App now! 

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Searching for Events this September Holidays

The September Holidays is here. While it is a short break, you will probably be seeking events and activities to keep the LOs occupied. Even if they are in childcare, perhaps its a good time to take them away from school, and have some family fun?  Events in September BYKidO has listed various activities happening this September Holidays, but how will you find them? Let us help you!  1. Click on the custom date header Located at the end of the date headers. Click on "Custom" to start selecting a date range of events 2. Select Start and End Date A date picker will appear for you to choose the start and end dates you require. You may select dates...

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Tell us what you think

The BYKidO App was built because we wanted to help parents discover places to go and things to do easily and conveniently. Making it easier to Bring Your Kid Out  We saw that existing platforms had their issues and caused frustration in the process of planning outings as a family. Through the App, we hope to make it easier to find information and thus motivate more parents to bring their kids out and create Family Memories.  Your Feedback However, we cannot improve without your feedback. Help us by filling in this feedback form, so we know what is good and what is not, and what needs to be improved!  Click here to give Feedback

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