How to Use the BYKidO App

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What is it?

The BYKidO App is our latest offering to help parents to better discover events and activities for the family. Built with time and location functionalities, coupled with family relevant filters, the BYKidO App is aimed at providing you with information of events and activities that is of interest to you and the family! 

How do we use the App?

Home Screen Navigation

When you first enter the home screen, you will seeing a full list of 100s of events listed on the App, categorised by a main headers

  • Recommended by Us: Chosen from our team of Mummies and Daddies
  • Recently Updated: The most recently updated events and activities
  • Other Parents are Viewing: Most viewed for the day
  • Registration Required: Events that require Registration
  • Promotions: Both BYKidO Pass and Public Promotions are listed
  • Travel: Going overseas - here's some help
  • Saved (if you saved something): Your saved Activities

And on the top, you will find a date navigation header - this is for a quick look at what's happening Today, Tomorrow, This Weekend, Next Weekend, or choose a customised range of dates 

You may also use the search button to search for events, locations, or just key words!

Show Me More (List View)

App - List View

Clicking on the "More" in each header category brings you to the list view. The initial list is a full view of all events under the header category. Example, clicking on "More" at the Recommended category will give you a full list of all events that are recommended by us. 

Clicking on the Search button allows you to search by specific keywords. The filter / sort button will open a new page that allows you to customise the list view according to your requirements. 

Click into the event details to see the full details of the event. 

Get to what you want (Filter / Sort Options)

Sort and filter screen

At the top of this screen, you will find the Sort Options that allows you to sort by the Recently Updated, Most Viewed or Nearest

Below are various Filter Options, categorise by the following headers:

  • Key Filters
    *Note: BYKidO Exclusive refers to events for BYKidO Pass Holders Only 
  • Date
  • Preferred Locations
  • Activity Category
  • Age Group

You can potentially filter the results to Recommended Playgrounds and Events happening Next Weekend in Toa Payoh and Novena for 3 - 6 years old and sorted by the Most Viewed results first

Get the Event Details

Event Details

In the Event Details, we put the who, what, where, when and how in a concise manner so that you can easily get the information required. If you require more details, you can click on the See More Details button, and you can view more details.

*If its a promotion or paid ticket, you will see a Redeem eVoucher Now button instead, and it will bring you to a purchase page

Event Details Screen 2

You will also be able to use your phone functionalities to get more information on the events. 

  • Save to Calendar: Set alerts and not forget about the event 
  • Contact Organsier: Click to call or email
  • Open Maps: Not sure where it is? Click to open Maps
  • Organiser Website: Find out more about the organiser

For certain events, we will also be providing links within the event information to help you better understand the event, especially if there are complicated pricing or additional information. 

Using Your eVoucher

eVoucher Use Screen

If you have purchased or redeemed any eVouchers, you can use these directly at the Merchant. Simply go to the eVoucher, click on Use eVoucher, and a screen will pop-up to confirm your use. 

Click on Use It Now and the eVoucher will be used. A confirmation code will be shown, and the merchant may require to take this down record purposes. An email confirmation will also be sent to you. 

Important: Please only click on Use It Now at the Merchant's location or as instructed.

Other Screens

Other Screens

Clicking on the Menu bar will open the side menu with the other screens within the App. 

  • Saved: See your saved events here
  • eVouchers: Unused eVouchers are listed here
  • Notifications: You will find the latest notifications and updates here
  • Profile: Fill in your profile so that we can customised the experience for you and your family
  • Help & Support: Send us an email with your queries, concerns or suggestions

Go Create Your Family Memories

So that's our guide to the use of the guide. We will definitely love to hear from you on improvements and your experience in using the guide. Let us know if you loved it, hated it or just felt it can be better! 

Simply click on the Help & Support button to send us an email! We look forward to hearing from you. 

Download App here

This article is prepared by

Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

Discover the latest events and experiences for your family! Get ideas of places to go and things to do, create your next family fun! Download the BYKidO App to get updated on the latest and most exciting family happening!!

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