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5 Adorable Character Mooncakes to get Your Little Ones this Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is just right around the corner and that means, among other things, brightly-lit lanterns and yummy mooncakes! And this year, there’s a vast offering of mooncakes from various brands, ranging from the traditional to unique designs and exotic flavors. Here’s our pick of 5 mooncakes you should get your little ones for this Mid-Autumn Festival! 1. Tokidoki – Udders Ice Cream Photo credits Udders Ice Cream Character/Flavor: tokidoki/Cranberry with Mint Lotus, Pandan Citrus Red Bean with Hazelnut Lotus, etc. Location: Shell Selects (limited stocks) 2. Multiple themes – Häagen-Dazs Photo credits Häagen-Dazs Character/Flavor: Line Friends, Twinkle Night Mix and Lune et Etoilles Location: All outlets (limited stocks) 3. Mickey Mouse – Swensen’s Photo credits Swensen’s Character/Flavor: Mickey Mouse/Sticky...

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