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8 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2019

If like us, you can’t seem to get enough of Korean drams with their sometimes predictable storylines that brings us on a rollercoaster of emotions, from laughing till our belly aches to sobbing into a pillow from all the heartbreak (or frustration), then this is for you. We’re practically into the third quarter of 2019 and that means a long supply of Korean dramas to binge watch. And if you’ve not already started, here are the 8 best Korean Dramas of 2019 to get you rolling! 1. Hotel del Luna Photo credits Rakuten Genre: Supernatural/Comedy Status: Ongoing/16 episodes Hotel del Luna’s clientele are a whole different class and by that we mean they’re all ghosts. The drama follows Jang Mal-Wol,...

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Singapore Public Holidays 2019: Your Gateway to Enjoying Long Weekends

From the 11 gazetted public holidays in 2019, you can expect to enjoy 4 long weekends. Only 4 in 12 months? Before you start despairing, we’ll let you in on a little secret. There may just be 4 long weekends but with a little DIY, you can treat yourself to several long weekends of some me-time, couple-time or family-time, as you wish. Guide to Long Weekends in 2019 SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER! WE DON’T CHARGE FOR QUALITY CONTENT! And here are some ways you can spend your well-deserved holidays: 1. Go on a Short Family Getaway Check out these 6 Short Family-Friendly Getaways from Singapore, whether you want to simply put your feet up or bring your little ones...

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