Dragon Boat Festival 2021: 13 Places to Get Your Rice Dumplings Delivered in Singapore

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Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Dumpling Festival with a feast of wrapped rice dumplings this year!

According to legends, long long ago, a loyal Chinese official threw himself into the river when the Chu capital was captured by Qin. The local fishermen who raced out in their boats to save him were too late. So, in the hopes that his body will not be consumed by the man-eating fish, they threw in cooked rice wrapped in leaves. This event brought about the Dragon Boat Festival and the eating of dumplings during the festival.

While we can’t really beat our oars in a race, we can at least celebrate by indulging ourselves in delicious rice dumplings! Here are some of the best places you can get them at!

Last updated: 8 Jun 2021

1. Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

Source: PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant, 181 Kitchener Road, PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, Singapore 208533
Availability:¬†17 May ‚Äď 14 Jun 2021
Options: Delivery and Takeaway 
Order: Online

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road is offering a variety of rice dumplings packed with luxurious goodness in celebration of The Dragon Boat Festival this year! New on the menu is the Traditional Cantonese Brown Rice Dumpling with Wagyu Beef, a tender alternative to the usual pork fillings. The colourful Chilled Sago Dumpling with Purple Potato, Red Bean and Lychee adds a sweet note to the celebrations. Also available for pickings are Traditional Cantonese Rice Dumpling with Abalone, Conpoy and Black Mushroom and Vegetarian Brown Rice Dumpling with Truffle. Prices range from $9.80 to $22.80 per piece and $10 to $16 per set (two or three pieces). 

Available daily from 17 May to 14 Jun 2021, you can get these handcrafted dumplings a la carte or as part of a six-course set menu tailored specially for this occasion. Consisting of Executive Cantonese Chef Leung Wing Cheung's speciality Dim Sums and Double-boiled Soup of the Day, among others, the six-course set menu is priced at $49.90 per person (min. 2 persons to order). 

2. Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Source: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant, 317 Outram Road, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, Singapore 169075
Availability:¬†1 May ‚Äď 10 Jun 2021
Options: Delivery and Takeaway 
Order: Online

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium¬†brings back its traditional ‚ÄėBak Chang‚Äô with a host of mouth-watering gourmet Chinese dumplings for this year‚Äôs Dragon Boat Festival. In addition to Xin's Signature Home-made, Traditional Dumpling packed with Five-spiced Braised Pork Belly Meat, Salted Egg Yolk, Mushroom, and Shrimp, the restaurant has introduced Mala Chicken Dumpling with Dried Scallops ($18.80). At 380g per piece, this tongue-numbing bak chang is bigger than average. For something sweet, you have got Xin's Signature Red Lotus Seed Paste Dumpling served with Osmanthus Sauce ($11.80). This sticky dumpling is filled with creamy lotus paste, chestnuts and ginkgo nuts.¬†

The dumplings are available for delivery at $25 per location as well as for self-collection at the outlet. Do note that orders must be made at least 3 days in advance before collection (5 May ‚Äď 13 Jun 2021).

3. Jade at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Source: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Jade, 1 Fullerton Square, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Singapore 049178
Availability:¬†25 May ‚Äď 14 Jun 2021
Options: Delivery and Takeaway 
Order: Online

Jade at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore presents Jade Originals Rice Dumplings featuring signature flavours from 25 May to 14 Jun 2021. This year’s highlights are two new creations - Ginseng Chicken Glutinous Rice Dumpling ($18) and Bak Kut Teh Flavour Pork Glutinous Rice Dumpling ($12), comprising of aromatic Bak Kut Teh spices, spring onion and marinated pork belly, served with black sauce and red chilli.

Other flavour options include best-sellers, Jade’s Five-Spice Pork Glutinous Rice Dumpling ($12) and the premium Traditional Hong Kong- Style Abalone Treasure Glutinous Rice Dumpling ($38). The Organic Millet Five-Grain OmniMeat Glutinous Rice Dumpling ($12) featuring OmniMeat, an all-purpose plant-based meat substitute is another flavorful option, especially for the health-conscious. 

4. Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Source: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, 320 Orchard Road, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore 238865
Availability:¬†7 May ‚Äď 14 Jun 2021
Options: Delivery, takeaway and drive-thru collection
Order: Online

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is launching new rice dumpling creations alongside their perennial favourites this year. Available till 14 Jun 2021 are Premium 5-head Australian Abalone with Iberico and Parma Ham Dumpling ($28), spicy Sichuan Pepper Chicken with Lotus Root Dumpling ($14), and sweet Honey Red Dates with Salted Green Beans, Red Beans and Melon Candy Rice Dumpling ($13). Also making an appearance on this year’s menu are the favourites Vegetarian Black Truffle 5-Grain Rice Dumpling ($14) and our Signature Pork & Salted Egg Rice Dumpling ($14).

The dumplings are available for walk-in purchase from the restaurant as well as for delivery ($60+) and self-collection via online order. Do note that you are required to order at least 3 working days in advance. 

5. Man Fu Yuan at InterContinental Singapore

Source: InterContinental Singapore

Man Fu Yuan, 80 Middle Road, InterContinental Singapore, Singapore 188966
Availability:¬†31 May ‚Äď 14 Jun 2021
Options: Delivery and takeaway
Order: Online

Man Fu Yuan at InterContinental Singapore celebrates this Dragon Boat Festival with seven varieties of handcrafted rice dumplings. Taking the center stage is a new dumpling flavour, Mala-braised Beef Brisket Dumpling ($15), packed with beef brisket, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and flavoursome mala spices. 

Besides the signature Black Bean Chicken Dumpling ($10.20) and XO Sauce Nyonya Dumpling ($10.20), there is also the Traditional Hokkien Style Dumpling ($8.50), Red Bean Lye Dumpling ($8.50) and Black Sesame Lye Dumpling ($8.50) up for grabs. Created with Man Fu Yuan’s Signature Duroc Pork Char Siew is the Smoked Duroc Pork Char Siew Dumpling with Black Gold Garlic ($12). The circular shape of this well-balanced dumpling is inspired by the form of the black gold garlic.

The dumplings are available for delivery and takeaway from 31 May to 14 Jun 2021. You can also purchase gift sets consisting of rice dumplings and either tea or champagne to up the ante of your festive celebrations. 

6. Peony Jade @ Keppel Club

Source: Peony Jade

Peony Jade, 10 Bukit Chermin Road, Keppel Club, Singapore 109918
Availability:¬†18 May ‚Äď 14 Jun 2021
Options: Delivery and self-collection
Order: Online

Peony Jade Restaurant¬†is offering Glutinous Rice Dumplings packed with flavours from 18 May to 14 Jun 2021, while stocks last. You can indulge in the Steamed Time-Honoured Cantonese Zongzhi ($11.90), Steamed Cantonese Jumbo Glutinous Rice ‚ÄėGuo Zheng‚Äô Zhong ($19.80), and Steamed Nyonya Nasi Lemak Sambal Chilli Zhang ($11.90). Newly launched is the Premium Mao Shan Wang Durian Ondeh "Lava" Blue Pea Glutinous Rice Dessert Zhang ($13.90). If you‚Äôre not sure what to get, the crowd-favourite Signature Steamed Nyonya Zhang ($11.90) filled with minced pork and candied melon is also available!¬†

Do note that orders have to be placed at least 2 days in advance. 

7. BreadTalk

Source: BreadTalk

BreakTalk, Multiple outlets
Availability: -
Options: Delivery and walk-in purchase
Order: Online

In collaboration with Thye Moh Chan, BreadTalk has brought back their traditional Teochew Bak Changs in celebration of this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. Hand-wrapped and boiled for over 2.5 hours, the Teochew Double Delight Bak Chang and Teochew Salted Egg Bak Chang are available for purchase at any BreadTalk outlet as well as online. 

8. Eastern Rice Dumpling

Source: Eastern Rice Dumpling

Eastern Rice Dumpling, Multiple outlets
Availability: -
Options: Delivery and self-collection
Order: Online

A third-generation business, Eastern Rice Dumpling’s Nyonya and Hokkien Rice Dumplings are a fan-favourite not just for their affordable price but for their taste as well. Celebrate this Dragon Boat Festival with a variety of dumpling flavours, such as Chilli Shrimp Nyonya Rice Dumpling, Black Pepper Chicken Rice Dumpling, Brown Rice Hokkien Dumpling, and XO Salted Egg Rice Dumpling, among others. 

9. Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific Singapore

Source: Pan Pacific Singapore

Hai Tien Lo, 7 Raffles Blvd, Pan Pacific Singapore, Singapore 039595
Availability:¬†14 May ‚Äď 14 Jun 2021
Options: Delivery and self-collection
Order: Online

Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific Singapore is offering a selection of Premium Handcrafted Rice Dumplings that you can purchase through the hotel’s e-store. Available for both islandwide delivery as well as for self-collection are the Teochew Dumpling with Yam Paste and Gingko Nuts; Classic Taiwanese Dumpling with Sesame Oil Chicken and; Traditional Jumbo Rice Dumpling with Abalone, consisting of Pork Belly, Whole Abalone, and Salted Egg Yolk. Prices range from $11.56 to $41.52 per piece.  

10. Hua Ting Restaurant at Orchard Hotel Singapore

Source: Hua Ting Restaurant

Hua Ting Restaurant, 442 Orchard Road, Orchard Hotel Singapore, Singapore 238879
Availability: Till 14 Jun 2021
Options: Delivery and self-collection
Order: Online

At Hua Ting Restaurant, you can get Pork Cartilage Rice Dumpling and Hongkong Style South African Abalone Rice Dumpling, packed with South African Abalone, Conpoy, Pork Belly, Roast Duck, and Salted Egg Yolk. If you like your dumplings sweet, there is also the Bird's Nest Sago Rice Dumpling. Prices range from $22 to $38 per piece or you can get an Assorted Dumplings Set at $78. 

11. Dian Xiao Er

Source: Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er, Multiple outlets
Availability: Till 26 Jun 2021
Options: Delivery and takeaway 
Order: Online

In celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival, Dian Xiao Er is offering Nyonya Dumplings and Traditional Dumplings in Bundles of 5. You can get five each of the Nyonya Pork Dumpling and the Traditional Salty Pork Dumpling or you can get three of one and two of the other. It is priced at $29.80 per bundle of dumplings. 

12. TungLok

Source: Tung Lok

Tung Lok Group Restaurants, Multiple outlets
Availability: Till 14 Jun 2021
Options: Delivery and self-collection
Order: TungLok E-store | Tóng Lè Private Dining & Sushi Mieda

TungLok Group is bringing back their yearly favourites TungLok X.O. Dumpling and Vegetarian Oat Dumpling with Mushrooms alongside new creations, Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables Rice Dumpling and Honey Dates Rice Dumpling. You can get the dumplings in bundles or in pieces.

13. Paradise Restaurants

Source: Paradise Group

Paradise Restaurants, Multiple outlets
Availability: Till 12 Jun 2021
Options: Takeaway 
Order: In-store    

Paradise Group is offering Red Bean Paste Dumpling ($6.80), Deluxe Pork with Conpoy and Chestnut Dumpling ($11.80), Premium Abalone Dumpling ($23.80), Salted Pork Belly Brown Rice Dumpling ($10.80), and Black Truffle Five Grain Dumpling ($12.80) for this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. The dumplings are available till 12 Jun 2021 for takeaway at Taste Paradise, Paradise Teochew, Seafood Paradise, Canton Paradise, Beauty in The Pot, Paradise Classic, Paradise Hotpot and Paradise Dynasty outlets, while stocks last. 

Please call the respective restaurants for more information on how you can place the orders and collect your handcrafted dumplings. 


Feature image: PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road



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