6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Your Wife

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Did you know that the third Sunday in September of every year is Wife Appreciation Day? So, here are 6 ways you show your wife you appreciate her and shower her with oodles of love and care!

And in case you were wondering, Husband Appreciation Day falls on the third Saturday in April.

1. Surprise Her with Flowers

It might sound like a cliché idea but most woman do love flowers. You can have the flowers delivered to her or you can personally deliver it to her when she least expects it and she’ll be delighted and pleasantly surprised.

6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Your Wife

2. Look After the Kids to Give Her a Day Off

Look after your little ones for the day so that your spouse can indulge in a day all for herself, getting facials, her nails done, catching up with friends, some shopping maybe. Or if you partner wants to lay back on the couch in her robes, binge watching her favorite series, you can pack your kids up and bring them out for a date.

6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Your Wife

3. Hide Love Notes Around the House

You can hide little love notes written on post-its and leave them around the house or on her things, like her coffee mug, the bathroom mirror, or her car dashboard. These little messages will let your wife know that you’re thinking about her and make her feel special.

6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Your Wife

4. Pamper Her with DIY Spa Course

Light up some sweet smelling candles and indulge your spouse in some foot massage and shoulder rubs, followed by a little facial mask and maybe even a simple manicure. Going to a spa is great but once in a while, a little care customized just for her with a personal touch from her loved one can make her contented.

6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Your Wife

5. Plan a Date Night

Maybe there’s a show that your lady has been wanting to catch, a restaurant she likes, or some place you think she’ll love, put the plan together and surprise her with it. And if you have kids, arrange for a reliable caretaker, so that the both of you can spend some quality time together.  

6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Your Wife

6. Prepare a Hearty Lunch for Her

Who doesn’t love a good meal that they didn’t have to cook themselves? All that work that goes into cooking, from buying groceries to cleaning up after the meal, takes off half the joy of eating. So why not, treat your wife to a hearty lunch cooked with love by you to show your love! It could be a fancy lunch made with your chef-level cooking skills or it could be something simple, she’ll be impressed.

6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Your Wife
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Aside from all these, you can also show your appreciation and affection for your spouse in everyday life with simple and small things such as helping out around the house, lending a hand in taking care of the kids and listening to them.  



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