Things to do this Weekend: Top 5 Sports Activities for Kids (with BYKidO Promotions)!

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Top 5 Sports Activities for Kids in Singapore

Have you wanted ever what type of sport you like your LOs to take up? With so many different types of sports, how do we know which to introduce them to? 

We compiled data from our website to give you an idea of the Top 5 Sports Activities for Kids that parents are searching for, and perhaps this will help you decide the sport to introduce. 

*Note while this post is not a sponsored post, information and data is collected from and will be cover activities listed on our site. 

If you are keen to to sign up for a class, links to the BYKidO Pass Promotions for each sport is included. Read our FAQ to learn more about the BYKidO Pass.


5. Badminton

Top 5 Sports Activities for Kids in Singapore

I am sure badminton will be the sport that many of us started at a young age. Grabbing the rackets and shuttlecocks, before heading to the void deck or open areas for a game. Unfortunately, the wind meant it was quite hard to play properly (and we were probably not that good too).

These days, you will be able to book badminton courts at the Community Centres, ActiveSG or even SAFRA Club Houses for a proper game! Remember to book early as spots usually fill up fast!

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4. Basketball

Top 5 Sports Activities for Kids in Singapore

Another popular sport that Parents are searching on our site. You do not really need any formal coaching to play the sport - I cannot recall how I learn dribbling but it just happened. Anyone has a different experience? 

Basketball Courts are available at Community Centres, around neighbourhood estates and you usually do not need to book them (just need to be there first). Check out this site for Basketball Courts around you.

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3. Taekwondo

Top 5 Sports Activities for Kids in Singapore

It was quite close between Basketball and Taekwondo, but there were just slightly more parents searching for Taekwondo classes on the site. 

Taekwondo is a sport that trains patience, a strong mentality and control, while keeping the LO active. It's something that even adults can benefit from - apart from the fitness perpsective. 

There are many Taekwondo classes around Singapore, the most common being at the Community Centre around Singapore. 

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2. Swimming

Top 5 Sports Activities for Kids in Singapore

It may come as no surprise that Swimming is one of the top sports searched. In fact, it may be a surprise that it's not the top sport on BYKidO. 

It's a life skill and a must- have. Giving your child the water confidence at an early age makes it easier for him / her to take up proper swimming classes as he grows up.

Not only is swimming a great form of exercise (for us adults too) but also a wonderful leisure activity that promotes family bonding. Babies also have a natural love for water (with his own pool for 9 months), so early introduction to swimming makes a great parent / child bonding activity. 

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1. Multi Sports Programs

Top 5 Sports Activities for Kids in Singapore

It's probably unfair that this comes up on top as the idea of Multi-sports is to introduce multiple sports to the LOs and its not really a sport itself. However, our Multi- Sports promotions have been the most popular with Parents.

Perhaps its because the kids get exposed to various sports in a single program that allows them to develop different muscle groups, pick up different skills and learn the basics of different sports. 

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And there it is, the Top 5 Sports Activities based on search and promotion redemption on BYKidO. I hope it was useful information and it helps you decide what sport to introduce the LOs too! 

If you are interested in other sports promotions on BYKidO, click here for the full list! 


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