Things to do this weekend - Storytelling @ Giggles by Owl Readers Club

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Location: GIGGLES Playground | 87 Marine Parade Central, Singapore 440087
Date: 26 Nov 2016
Hour: 3.15 pm 

Collaborating with Owl Readers Club, GIGGLES Playground will be hosting a storytelling session on the 26th of November 2016 (Saturday) @ 3.15pm. 

owls readers club giggles playground

While the story has not been confirmed, this is Owl Readers Club's 2nd storytelling session and judging from the first session (read more here), I am sure it will be a blast with the Kids! 

So Bring Your Kid Out to GIGGLES this Saturday to enjoy an engaging and enriching experience! Play and Learn at the same time! 

To read more about the event, visit Owl Readers Club Event Page and to register, go to the Meetup Page.

owls readers club giggles playground

and it will not be a one off! This is just the beginning of a series of Storytelling sessions! 

Are you a Owl Star Member? Get 10% off usual rates to have fun at GIGGLES Playground! 

or get your BYKidO Pass to enjoy 50% Off GIGGLES entry fees! See here for details.


More about Owl Readers Club

Owl Readers Club is a club specially designed to encourage families to cultivate good reading habits. With these beliefs in mind, we have created an array of features to allow families to embark on an engaging and exciting reading journey. Apart from curating quality children’s titles at reasonable prices, organizing interesting reading-related events, providing opportunities to meet with fellow book-loving families and rewarding active club members, we are also constantly working to tie up with merchants to provide added benefits for our members. We are committed to creating a club where members will enjoy both tangible and intangible rewards of reading with their children.

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