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BYKidO Moments: Mummy Georgina Explores Taiwan with Her Little One!

Sharing of articles from fellow Mummies (and Daddies), to help you Bring Your Kid Out, and create your own BYKidO Moments!  A write-up of a playground visit, a video of a trip overseas or even something educational to help you Bring Your Kid Out! BYKidO Moments are moments for your Parenting Journey! This week's BYKidO Moment is contributed by Mummy Georgina who emailed us about her visit to Taiwan!  1. Song Minsu Photo credits Song Minsu Location: No. 19, Annong 5th Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 269 Date: Daily Admission: Details here Forget about boring hotels where the mini fridge is the most fun thing in the room, Song Minsu, gives you rooms carefully decorated with different themes with slides and swings...

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