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Expert Series: 3 After-School Care Options for Working Parents with Primary School Kids

Child care – a term we are all too familiar with. But student care? While MOE has announced that by end 2020, all primary schools will have student care centres within the school, many parents are still unfamiliar with this service.  As a working parent, you may have limited options if you are not fortunate enough to have hired or extended family’s help. In this article, we consider pros and cons of the 3 most common after school care options for working parents with primary school students. *This article is contributed by Stamford Scholars Student Care Centres Grandparents This group of parents is considered the most fortunate because there is someone trustworthy to look after your child. Though without a...

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Experts Series: Preparing for CNY with Children

The ultimate checklist for Chinese New Year without going broke which involves the entire family! With the arrival of the lunar New Year in less than a few weeks’ time it is only normal to start preparing the household for Chinese New Year. Savings platform, Cuponation Singapore listed down crucial saving guide to help parents prepare for the festivities with the kids without overspending all the while educating kids on some important financial management lessons during this auspicious Year of the Dog! Clean your house - together! Number one rule in preparing for the lunar New Year is to ensure that the house is spotless. It is never too early to involve children in household chores, especially during the busiest time...

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Things to do this Weekend: Speak with a Storytelling Expert!

Written by Eugene Tay (Storynation) Oral storytelling is a timeless tradition and probably one of the most fundamental skills in communicating our ideas in an interesting and effective manner. This is quite different from public speaking, which also involves the art of putting an idea across. Storytelling takes all that and wraps it up in a nice layer of presentation that makes the audience listens with both the ears and heart. My first recollection of storytelling with my dad is on Elves and The Shoemaker. I knew the lines in the book and could recite them verbatim, but it was when my father dropped the book that the magic of the story really came to life for me. We hid under...

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Things to do this Weekend: Speak with a Financial Expert!

How You Can Save For Your Kid’s University Education Without Compromising Your Lifestyle  How do you as a young parent save for your children’s education? Like every other parent, you want to give your children a bright future — these days, that means a university education. Education, however, is not cheap. A 4-year NUS engineering degree cost $25,000 in 2008; by 2016, that figure had risen to $32,000. This is an increase of 28% in 8 years (2008-2016), or a compounded rate of 2.51% per annum. At this rate, projected university tuition fees and the yearly saving required (assuming your kid goes to university at age 20) are: Age of Child Years to Save Tuition Fee Yearly Saving 10 10...

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Things to do this Weekend: Speak to an Expert on Choosing the right toys for your child

Location: Busy Tables | 35 Rochester Dr, 03-22, Singapore 138639Date: DailyHour: 10.00 am - 6.30 pmAdmission: $18/parent-child (2hr Playtime: Weekend / 1.5hr Playtime: Weekday) *This is the second of our Expert series and we look at choosing the right toys for your kid (0 - 6yrs). This article is contributed by Busy Tables. This weekend, Bring Your Kid Out to Busy Tables for your kid to explore new toys! Check out the exclusive entry pass promotions from Busy Tables (Buy 2 Get 1 Free / Buy 10 Get 2 Free)   5 tips on choosing the right toy for your young child As parents, we love to spend on toys for our children. How do we maximise the value of these toys and make them...

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