Places to go this Weekend: Outdoor Playgrounds (Happy Park) @ Waterway Point!

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Location: Waterway Point | 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761
Date: Daily
Hour: 10 am - 10 pm
Admission: FREE

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

In my opinion, Waterway Point is a rather confusing shopping centre but it redeems itself by being a Playground galore! Bring Your Kid Out so that he / she may experience the outdoor dry and wet play area and if weather is not permitting, there is even an indoor play area (Wonderland) too! 

There is so much to show that I will be splitting this into 2 posts, this post will cover the Outdoor Playgrounds and the next part will cover the Indoor Playground. 

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

Like many malls in Singapore, a children playground has become an essential part of drawing young parents (see our list of Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore) and Waterway Point seem to be doing a good job serving the Punggol Parents! 

Happy Park (the outdoor playground) is located on Level 2 and consist of both a dry and wet area! 

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

Happy Park (Dry) 

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

The park appears to be designed for older kids. One of the slides require you to climb through a series of ropes (like a web) to get up while the other appears slightly easier. 

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

For the younger ones, there is are shorter slides available too! 

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

What was interesting was a series of tunnels that the kids would climb into and peek out of little domes. I was not sure what was the point of it but the kids seemed to enjoy it very much! 

There was a also a hammock, rope structure and balancing bridge for the LOs to expense their energy. 

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

Happy Park (Wet)

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

Just next to the dry area is a small yet effective wet area. Why effective? 

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

It's really just a wading pool, just enough for the kids to splash. Nothing fancy, no buckets of waters, no huge bucket, not even a slide... yet the kids were happy jumping around! 

Perhaps, we actually do not need much to make the LOs happy.. 

In my opinion

It is a wonderful playground with much to do for both older and younger kids. Having both the dry and wet areas keep them entertained for quite some time too! 

However, it might be better to have a clearer distinction between the dry and wet areas (Like the one at IMM). For parents who did not bring any change of clothes, it might be difficult to convince the LOs not to get wet. Since it's a Mall, perhaps buying a new set will solve the problem! 

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

And if the weather does not permit, move indoors to the Wonderland play area! Air conditioned with lots of sitting available too! 

Happy Park @ Waterway Point

83 Punggol Central, S(828761), Level 2

10.30am - 9.30pm (Daily)




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